What is Esports Betting Tips ?

Esports Betting Tips is a platform that offers CS GO, DOTA & LOL Betting Tips and Predictions on a range of tournaments. The variety of games, leagues and competitions provide the option for users to select the bet with the highest returns. EBT offers bets on games such as League of Legends, Dota 2 and CS:GO that are the three biggest titles out there. We are also working hard on adding more titles in the near future.

Esports Betting Tips is the premier destination for all Esports Live Scores & Results, keeping up with betting related news and to compare odds from individual websites. We offer odd comparisons for upcoming matches across three premier betting bookmarkers. Each bookie offers a range of handicap and match-line bets. The availability of multiple options for esports bettors improves the chances to secure higher returns on a winning bet. 

How do you win bets you ask? We also offers free esports predictions on a regular basis. You can read all about the upcoming matches and which team our tipsters think will win.

We provide diversity in our bookmakers, odds and games. Our tipsters are impartial with the principal goal of helping you win money. It is our earnest endeavor to always provide the best outcome for our readers. In addition, the website’s news section will keep you updated with all the latest information about esports, gaming and the entire industry. 

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