100 Thieves Sign former Renegades Roster to return to CSGO

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The 100 Thieves organization has announced its return to Counter-Strike after they picked up the former Renegades CS:GO Squad. 100Thieves previously fielded a Brazilian CS:GO squad in 2017; however, after regulatory issues and discipline problems, they let go of their roster. 

The new roster will practice at the multi-million state of the art 100 Thieves facility in Los Angeles. 100 Thieves founder and former Call of Duty professional player, Nadeshot is excited about the new project. 

The 100 Thieves CS:GO Roster:

  • Justin ‘jks’ Savage
  • Aaron ‘AZR’ Ward
  • Joakim ‘jkaem’ Myrbostad
  • Sean ‘Gratisfaction’ Kaiwai
  • Jay ‘Liazz’ Tregillgas
  • Aleksandar ‘kassad’ Trifunović (coach)

There have been numerous rumors surrounding the 100 Thieves CS:GO roster. While initial reports suggested ( correctly) that 100 Thieves will pick up the Renegades roster, there was a period of silence from all concerned. 

However, Nadeshot and Maelk confirm that they had always set their eyes on the Renegades boys. AZR co. joined Renegades off Vox Eminor and have been reasonably successful. They appeared in the Champions Stage at both the CS:GO Majors for 2019. 

100 Thieves recently announced that they would not be a part of the inaugural Call of Duty League. The massive buy-ins for the tournament did not present an efficient business plan for Nadeshot and co. With Call of Duty no longer a part of their organization,100 Thieves needed to put up a new FPS squad. 

Counter-Strike is one of the oldest FPS games surviving over twenty years. With talks of a closed, and possibly exclusive league in the works, organizations like Splyce, Dignitas, OG, 100 Thieves and EG have expressed their interest to enter CS:GO. 

100 Thieves’ new CS:GO roster will appear on LAN at IEM Beijing 2019.

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