A look at the four teams for ECS Season 6 LAN Playoffs

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The Esports Championship Series LAN finals are currently underway. Out of the original eight teams, only four remain in the playoffs. Each team has earned their spot in the playoffs with some excellent gameplay and strategy. The four remaining teams are:

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • North
  • Astralis
  • Made in Brazil

Let’s take a look at each of the teams and their performance so far at ECS Season 6 LAN Finals.

Ninjas in Pyjamas – An emerging team

The NIP team looks much stronger than before.

The Swedish team has slowly been on the rise ever since Lekro joined the team. The young In Game Leader brings fresh ideas to the team. He is also a consistent feature on top of the scoreboard for the team. He has helped the team show results for themselves and it is a welcome change for the Ninjas fans. However, it is also Get_Rights’s newfound form which gives the team the firepower that it needs. We see NIP being extremely comfortable in their playstyle and especially Get_Right in his position.

Together, the new NIP looks much more coordinated and in sync with each other. They are able to find out the right combination of playstyle and maps for themselves. With an ever-expanding map pool with every event, we can expect the team to possibly make an impact at the Esports Stadium as well.

NIP has managed to defeat Astralis in playoffs recently. The Ninjas have a good understanding of the Danes’ playstyle. Their confidence against Astralis allows them to make difficult plays possible and with it hold their advantage.

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Astralis – The Best team in the world seems to have weaknesses

Team Astralis at the SSE Arena, Can they continue their splendid form?

The Danish team won the FaceIT London Major and looked unstoppable. However, as we see their performance in the recent tournaments after the break, they don’t look as dominant again. Other teams are slowly catching up to Astralis and NIP has already defeated them once before in the Playoffs.

The Danish roster relies on their star players to deliver constantly. They always make risky plays often with backup, however, we have not seen the risky plays fall apart. With the recent tournaments, Astralis are being punished for the same risky plays. It is in these situations that we witness the Astralis firepower weaken considerably. They often tend to double down on these risky plays and spoil their economy.

Astralis will have a tough task ahead of them. On paper, Astralis should easily win this series against NIP. However, their performance in the recent events has been extremely shaky. They are not as formidable as they were once, and NIP’s recent rise spells trouble.

Despite being shaky, Astrlais have still managed to secure the victory at IEM Chicago. Their ability to win the tournament when it matters is what makes them a star team. For now, the Danish squad will look forth to eliminate their mistakes and further extend their dominance on the CS: GO scene.

Made in Brazil – Newfound confidence

Made in Brazil : The New Kid on the block

Made in Brazil won their series against Astralis. This newfound confidence will be crucial for the team in their upcoming events. The team already has some of the best players in the world. It has five former Major Champions and that in itself makes this team a natural contender for the best team in the world. However, their performance individually and as a team has suffered immensely in the past few months. They have felt lost in their approach to the game. They added Ynk to their team as a way to relieve some pressure from the In-Game Leader. This allows Fallen to focus on his individual playstyle and we already saw the effect during the Major.

With further time together under their belt, Made in Brazil seems to have found its synergy together. Their strategies and their level of preparedness for their upcoming matches further emphasize the efforts and strategies at the coach put into the game. We cannot rule out this team even when they are down and out. In their current form, Maed in Brazil looks like a sure shot contender for the Grand finals.

North – They need more time

Casper “cadiaN” Møller has a tough task on his hand as he leads North Gaming.

North had a very close series against NRG in the elimination match. The team seems fine when it comes to their firepower and the individual skill of the players. But despite having a talented leader like Cadian, the team seems to be lacking when it comes to their strategical approach to the game. This might be due to the new In-Game Leader for the team. The core of the roster has been with MSL for a very long time. The In-Gamey has been with MSL even on teams prior to North. However, with the recent ‘IGL changes’ Cadian has some set shoes to fill.

For now, North is a team that requires time to develop together. They have a great In Game leader and they definitely have the necessary players to make an impact. However they also require more time together.,

The ECS Season 6 resumes with the playoffs between NIP and astralis. The second semifinal will see North and Made in Brazil compete against each other. You can catch all the action live on Youtube.

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