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Mousesports replaces native rifler “Nex” with powerful awping talent “Oskar” in preparation for ESL Season 4 opener.

In sports, time off, or the off-season, is known for its big roster shakeups or entire collapses of team infrastructure, these few months are often the more interesting moments for most teams than the regular season, and is the one source of action that spectators and fans have to hold on to while the sport is off the air. In Esports, the equivalent to such times is anytime before a big tournament, no ones spot is secure, and their employment is often tied with their in game performance. However, a strong performance does help strengthen the possibility for one to remain on a team, and looking at results no one knows this better than Tomáš “Oskar” Šťastný longtime awper for the Hellraisers, and now talent for Mousesports.

If you’re looking for results, Oskar has them, boasting three first place finishes in Majors in his career, one of them being a recent and convincing 2-0 in the finals over Penta Esports along with his most recent one being a second place finish in a narrowly lost match to Team Dignitas.

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Oskar is widely thought of by the community as a step up over the rest of Mouse and a definite upgrade over the middling skill level of Johannes “nex” Magetn, the player he’ll be replacing as the starter on this roster, whose own results have been lackluster as of late, managing only a 3rd-fourth place finish in his last premier and a 5th-8th place finish in the one before that. The last strong showings the Mouse roster has had with Johannes was in the Acer Predator Major in February, and landing in the semifinal of E-league Atlanta, where they were swiftly 2-0’d by the eventual champions Virtus Pro. Not a bad showing but, clearly change was warranted for a team that wants to be tier one in Counter Strike and not third or fourth place, only time will tell if this was the right decision, but the management seems to believe that it certainly is:

“Even with the latest improvement, we felt that we needed to give a new impulse to the team. I am really excited to see oskar in a mousesports jersey and I am sure, so are our fans. I feel like oskar is the right fit for us, as he is not only a great player but also clicks with the team on a personal level.”

– Mouse Esports CEO Cengiz Tüylü.

While it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that upper management has made the wrong choice about a roster swap situation, linear logic dictates that with a direct upgrade the team could only get better, and with this roster move, Mousesports feels confident in that rule, no doubt. This iteration of Mousesports will compete in their first match against a new Fnatic roster on August 23rd at 12PM Cental, 1PM Eastern or 5PM GMT.

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