Alliance acquire Fata’s Stack

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Alliance is one of the most legendary teams when it comes down to Dota 2. Even though TI 3 days are long gone, the teams’ latest roster had a fairly decent run during the last DPC season. However, it turned out that the Swedish organization was not fully satisfied. This led to a rather drastic decision of releasing their entire Dota 2 team.

New Team

Of course, a team of their caliber is not going to remain without a team for long. That’s why just days after releasing Max “qojqva” Bröcker and co., Alliance announced the addition of Fata’s new stack.

“I am looking forward to representing Alliance in the upcoming season” team captain Fata says “Transitioning to position 5 as well as captaining the team is a definitely new chapter for me, and I’m very excited to see how it will go. As a team, we will practice hard to perform this season and bring positive results to all of our fans – new and old.” – said Fata, the captain of the new team.


This new team definitely has what it takes to become of the best. However, it will be very hard for them to achieve their goals in Europe. As you know, this is currently the strongest region in Dota 2. They will have to go toe to toe with the likes of Secret, OG, Liquid and more, which is definitely not going to be easy. Despite that, the goal of the new team is not only to attend TI10 but to win the entire event.

Whether or not this will happen is still up in the air. However, one thing is certain – this is definitely going to be an amazing DPC season.

Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov (Carry)
Linus “LIMMP” Blomdin (Mid)
Neta “33” Shapira (Offlane)
Simon “Handsken” Haag (Support)
Adrian “Fata” Trinks (Support, Captain)

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