Amanek’s addition is not enough, G2 needs KennyS and Shox to step up

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The French Counter-Strike team G2 recently announced a roster change. They added François ‘Amanek’ Delaunay to their roster, replacing Alexandre “bodyy” Pianaro on the active roster. Bodyy had been a part of the active lineup for the better part of the past three years. However, G2’s results have only declined since their peak during mid-2017.

But who is AmaneK and why is his addition to G2 a smart move? Will his addition ensure G2 can become a Top 5 team once more? We doubt that is going to happen with the current lineup, but they will definitely show improvements in performance.

François ‘Amanek’ Delaunay

AmanEk gained notoriety for his time on Misfits where he had an incredible run against some of the better teams in CS: GO. The player is well-versed in multiple roles and we have seen perform equally well on the rifles as well as the AWP. He has excellent judgement, especially when it comes to clutch situations. There is a systematic dissection of the situation and you can see him trying to take as many 1v1 duels as possible. This is the reason why Amanek is one of the few players from the French scene who has been a target for many of the top teams in the past.

He moved from Misfits to LDLC in May of 2018. This move saw him move to LDLC along with DevoDuvek and they played a formidable part in ensuring that LDLC sees a rise in their rankings. The team displayed excellent coordination and was quick to make an impact on the French scene. Despite the top tier of the French scene consistently failing, LDLC provided the beacon of hope for French fans.

AmaneK’s calls in their matches during IEM Chicago were risky and sometimes unwarranted. However, they worked and it provided us with an insight into how far the player can stretch the team’s performance. AmaneK is a rare breed of players with excellent aim and a very strategic approach to the game. He has won innumerable clutches and helped his team win from disadvantageous situations in the past.

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What does Amanek bring for G2?

How long can Shox remain the In game Leader if he is to return to top form?

Shox is already the In-Game leader for G2. This has adversely affected his individual performance. While we have seen Shox rise up on an individual level towards the end of 2018, it is still not at the same level as his peak. With the addition of AmaneK, it allows G2 to have a secondary shot caller on the team. However, it does not seem like they are ready to let go of Shox’s In-Game leadership just yet. This might be the change they wish for the future and the upcoming months will be a test to see how the new player fits in the team.

Amanek’s performance throughout the years. Image Source: HLTV

AmaneK also provides the opportunity for G2 to have multiple AWP players. With KennyS and Shox already well-known for their performances on the AWP, AmaneK’s AWP might not always receive attention. However, there might be situations where a certain player is not playing good and AmaneK would step up to the role of the primary AWPer on the team.

I am very excited to join G2 Esports! My aspirations have not changed since I started playing in competition. I want to be the best version of myself, I want my team to be the number one in the world and I will do everything I can to achieve this goal.

François ‘Amanek’ Delaunay.

Amanek replaces Bodyy on the G2 roster. Bodyy has been a part of the team for around three years now. Despite the length of his career on the team, the player has failed to impress us in various iterations of the team. He has played under Ex6tenz and Shox and in both the lineups, Bodyy’s performance has been nothing but underwhelming.

Consistency is the key for AmaneK’s career

Over the years, Amanek has been a key to the French CS: GO scene. He has moved to North America and back, however, this has not resulted in a significant change in his performance. His consistency over the years has definitely raised him to a top tier player from the region. If there is one thing that the French Counterstrike players lack, it is consistency. Both G2 and Vitality have players who have seen several ups and downs.

Amanek has been fairly consistent throughout his CSGO Career. Image Source: HLTV

Apart from the slight dip during the early half of 2018, AmaneK’s statistics clearly show a consistent performance throughout his career. The player plays an array of weapons which include the AK, M4 as well as the AWP.

AmaneK’s weapon usage spread. Image Source: HLTV

The equal distribution of his usage statistics on these weapons makes him a valuable player for the French scene. He can ensure that he switches between the roles and still maintains a very high level of consistency. His flexibility with the weapons, definitely makes him a valuable asset for the G2 counter strike team.

The new look G2 Roster needs KennyS to regain his form

The G2 CS: GO squad is undergoing a chance. They have a vision of how they want to play and approach the game. Bodyy’s move to the bench and Amanek’s addition is just the first step as the team looks to rise through the ranks once more. They have the potential to become a Top five team, however, a large part of this potential relies on KennyS.

We have a very clear vision of how we wish to evolve and refine our CS:GO team in 2019. This is a process that is evolving and developing as we review our performances, identify and reinforce our strengths and improve upon our weaknesses. Alex has contributed greatly to our recent development, engaging fully with the team and by making significant progress. That said, we still feel that greater changes are needed and as a result, have decided to move Alex to our bench. This has been done in good spirits and following discussions with the team and we will be actively looking for a new home for Alex with his full support. Nevertheless, we are incredibly excited to have AMANEK as a part of the team. We believe François will adapt very well to our system and will allow other players to readjust and grow higher and better. We can’t wait for it to show in the server. #ALLEZG2!

Damien ‘maLeK’ Marcel

KennyS was the world’s best player for a very long period of time. Under the guidance of Ex6tenz in Titan, KennyS rose to the top of the scene. We all know his potential and how far he can take the current G2 squad, however, without God-tier performances by the player, G2’s future still looks grim.


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