A New Map, Chickens and a paid subscription service are part of the new CSGO update

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The April 3 CS:GO update brought an unexpected change to the map pool. Valve removed Train from the active duty map pool, replacing it with Ancient. The update also has new cosmetics, new chicken models as well as a new subscription service for CS:GO players.

Ancient replaces Train in CS:GO map pool

With an Aztec-y feel, Ancient will replace Train on the CS:GO active duty map pool. Image Credit: Valve.

Valve first added Ancient to the CS:GO map pool in December 2020 as part of the Operation Broken Fang which ended with the latest update. The map bears many similarities to one of the most popular maps in Counter-Strike history, Aztec. 

Map overview of Ancient, the latest map to join the CSGO Active Duty Map pool.
The Ancient map overview. It has a massive mid-area with two longer routes from the T-spawn to the bombsites. Image Credit: Valve.

As the name implies, Ancient is set in an era gone by. The map is set in an ancient temple, similar to Aztec. There are various unique elements that add a distinct character to this map. 

Mocha and Grind are available in competitive scrimmage and defusal Group Sigma game modes. Image Credit: Valve

The recent update brought a few changes to the map, focused on gameplay and its competitive balance. Valve has also made a few other map changes. Mocha and Grind are now available to play in Competitive Scrimmage, as well as in Defusal Group Sigma in other game modes. Calavera and Pitstop are now available to play in Wingman.

Will Ancient be used in RMR events?

The first question on every pro player’s mind was which map pool would be in use in the upomcing RMR events. RMR events act as qualification events for the upcoming PGL Stockholm CS:GO Major. 

Valve has confirmed that the upcoming RMR events will use the old map pool featuring Train. 

What else is new in the May 3 CS:GO update?

The recent update also adds new cosmetics to the game as part of the Snakebite Collection. The new collection features seventeen different weapon skins including ones for the M4A4, P250, Galil.

Here are some of the best skins from the Snakebite collection:

The Trigger Discipline Desert Eagle by moonfighter. Image Credit: Valve. 

The Desert eagle features a unique design with the words Trigger Disciple clearly visible. With a pink and black color scheme, this deagle will attract a lot of eyeballs in the game.

The MP9 Food Chain by chipAs has a very colorful food-themed scheme. Image Credit: Valve.

The food-based theme for the FoodChain collection by chipAs found takers and it is now a part of the Snakebit Case. With a unique design and the abundance of colors in this weapon, the MP9 might suddenly become the go-to weapon in Deathmatches and custom servers. 

The P250 Cyber Shell by :Desty. Image Credit: Valve.

CS:GO workshop artist :Desty has come up with the Cyber Shell theme. The artist’s idea behind this skin was to create a mix of something futuristic and nautical with an art deco twist.

The new collection features the Broken Fang gloves as a rare collectible item. Image Credit: Valve

And there are new chicken designs!!

Valve did not forget the all-pervasive chickens in CS:GO. As CS:GO players log on to their favorite game and queue for a match, they might just be surprised by some different breed of chickens in their games. 

What’s the CS:GO 360 Stats?

Amidst the new map, changes to the chicken models and cosmetics, Valve has also added a new subscription option for CS:GO players. The CS:GO 360 Stats subscription is available in-game for a monthly price of $0.99. The CS:GO 360 Stats includes access to Competitive match stats from official Competitive, Premier, and Wingman game modes and the Round Win Chance report introduced in Operation Broken Fang.

Matches played in Competitive, Premier, and Wingman game modes on official servers are tracked on the Stats page. Matches from Casual, Scrimmage, and other games modes are not.

Valve has recently steered towards introducing subscription-based revenue models in its games. Dota Plus is also a subscription model that gives Dota 2 subscribers a small benefit in terms of statistics and information. It seems the developer is attempting something similar with the CS:GO 360 Stats. 

CS:GO users can read the patch notes for the May 3 update here. 

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