Apex Legends Legacy to Launch on May 4 with new character, map and weapons

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Respawn Entertainment has revealed Valkyrie to be the next Apex Legends character. In the latest ‘Stories from the Outlands’ video series, the game Apex Legends players got a sneak peek at the newest character to join the game. 

Who is Valkyrie in Apex Legends?

Valkyrie is the daughter of Viper, a villainous Titan pilot from Titanfall 2. Also known as Kairi Imahara, this character is Apex Legends’ most direct connection with Titanfall.

The animated short shows Valkyrie gaining an audience with Kuben Blisk, the guy who started Apex Games. Valkyrie blames him for Viper’s death, while the real story is quite different. She ultimately settles for an invite to become an Apex Legend. The short animated video comes to an end as Valkyrie uses her dad’s mech to make her Apex Games gear. 

Valkyrie has first-hand experience flying Titans, in what is the most direct connection the game has with Titanfall. She is a pilot, the daughter of Viper and now a part of the Apex Games.

What’s new in Apex Legends Legacy?

Apex Legends Season 9, also known as Legacy, will release on May 4. Between a new map, new weapons and several cosmetics, there is something exciting for every Apex Legends player. The new season will bring a new map, the Infested Olympus as well as an extremely powerful medium-range bow. The new Bocek Bow has the potential to kill enemies in one shot, although it is best suited for Snipers. Season 9, or as it’s called, Legacy, could go in for a Wilderness theme.

Additionally, Apex Legends Legacy will also bring the new battle pass with daily and weekly challenges. Players can complete challenges for skins, packs and XP boosts. The new season launches on May 4.

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