ArcaneBet Review

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Arcane bet review

Betting on esports matches is growing at a fast pace. With the number of esports matches and tournaments increasing day by day, we are seeing increased competition in various titles. It is important to understand various aspects of betting and which websites to use for betting. We will explore what is required off a good betting website and discuss various bets in this article.

What is a good betting service?

There are so many options available in the market right now. It becomes a confusing decision for a novice in betting. Which betting website should he use? What are the big differences in several websites? How does he know which betting website is trustworthy?

Here are some features that you should consider before betting:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Privacy
  • Clear Terms and Conditions
  • A variety of bets

These are some broad but basic guidelines to consider before placing your bets on any website. A good betting website should have the trustworthiness for you to invest your money in their service. This trust comes from various sources including peers and online reviews. Trust is a very broad term, but a simple online review search should point out any possible problems with the website.

It is important that betting websites have clearly written Terms and Conditions. In the event of a dispute, there should be no misinterpretation of the Terms and Conditions. Choosing a website with clearly written Terms and Conditions would help you significantly in the future.


We would like to present a carefully chosen website: Arcanebet. This website has been carefully vetted by our residential experts. We have been using the website for several weeks and can safely say it is one of the best websites to place your bets on.

ArcaneBet provide several esports titles to bet on. They feature CS GO,Dota2, League of Legends, Hearthstone and Starcraft 2. Arcane bet is one of the only betting sites that we’ve come across that focuses and specialises in esports.

“We focus on building trust with the betting community through its integrity, its values and by providing a level of customer satisfaction to complement its unbeatable odds.”

“We as ArcaneBet do everything in our power to keep eSport an honest and interesting sport and would like to contribute as much as possible to the growth of this amazing phenomenon.”

Types of Bets available


Progressive Jackpot

Progressive Jackpot

The Progressive Jackpot is a very novel way of betting. A number of Chosen events are featured in the “Jackpots” Tab. In order to participate in the Progressive Jackpot, a user must bet on all thirteen events. You can play up to 3 predictions per event. The total pool of the Progressive Jackpot is distributed equally amongst all the winning bets. If there are multiple winners, the total pool will be divided equally amongst these users.

This is a very cheap and fast way to multiply your money. The minimum bet for the Progressive Jackpot is 0.25 EUR, but the potential winnings from this jackpot can range in the hundreds and sometimes in thousands. This Jackpot win depends only on your capability to correctly predict match outcomes.

Mystery Jackpot

The Mystery Jackpot is the other type of Jackpot offered. This jackpot allows room for error on the part of the user. In order to enter the Mystery Jackpot just start playing normally on any matches. Mystery Jackpots pay out randomly on any bet placed on the website.

Mystery Jackpot

  • Each Mystery Jackpot is assigned a minimum and maximum value.
  • The jackpot is guaranteed to pay out somewhere between the maximum and minimum value as determined by our Random Number Generator. Someone will win before the maximum value is reached.
  • Each time you bet, your bet could be the one that triggers a Mystery Jackpot payout.

You do not need a winning combination placed in order to win a mystery Jackpot. The more bets you place on the website, the higher your chances of winning the mystery bet. Mystery bets are happening all the time, and their timing and amount is a mystery. But it is a very quick and easy way to earn money by playing more.

What are the Mystery Jackpot Winning Ranges?

You can win a Mystery Jackpot when the jackpot amount is in the following ranges:

  • Silver Mystery: €50 – €150
  • Gold Mystery: €250 – €500 credits
  • Platinum Mystery: €1000 – €2500 credits

Privacy Policy

The website details their privacy policies. They are transparent about the information that they collect and what they intend to do with it. Being a legal betting website, they are required to share certain information with the regulators to comply with various laws regarding betting.

Privacy Policy

A general outline of the Privacy Policy that has been detailed on their website :

The information and data about you which we may collect, use and process includes the following:

  1. Information that you provide to us by filling in forms on the Website or any other information you submit to us via the Website or email;
  2. Records of correspondence, whether via the Website, email, telephone or other means;
  3. Your responses to surveys or customer research that we carry out;
  4. Details of the transactions you carry out with us, whether via the Website, telephone or other means;
  5. Details of your visits to the Website including, but not limited to, traffic data, location data, weblogs and other communication data.

We may use your personal information and data together with other information for the purposes of:

  1. Processing your bets, including card and online payments;
  2. Setting up, operating and managing your account;
  3. Complying with our legal and regulatory duties;
  4. Building up personal profiles;
  5. Carrying out customer research, surveys and analyses;
  6. Providing you with information about promotional offers and our products and services, where you have consented;
  7. Monitoring transactions for the purposes of preventing fraud, irregular betting, money laundering and cheating.

You can view their privacy policy in detail on the website. Transparency is a very important aspect in determining a good website to play on, and is totally transparent with their policies.

ArcaneBet is secure


ArcaneBet is a totally secure platform. The website allows user to operate financial transactions via well known platforms such as Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Paysafe, Neteller etc. They have also added Bitcoins for the convenience of the user.

You are assured about the safety of your money on the platform. At no time do you lose track of your money and are given all the information prior to placing a bet. The website has clearly outlined and mentioned the rules surrounding Sports Betting, Bitcoin betting. They make sure identity verification is one of the first steps in order to stop unscrupulous elements from accessing the website.

Finally as a secure and responsible betting website, features a page on responsible gaming. They outline features on how to maintain control in gaming and also strongly reprimand underage Gambling. They have the contact details of helpful groups and websites in the event of someone being addicted to gambling. These are features of a responsible gambling website, one which you can trust and at the same time be secure.

Always with you

ArcaneBet has a very active Customer Care Service. At no point in time, will you be at a loss. If you have any queries or are confused, you can reach out to their customer care team. They are available via email, phone and on various social media.


You can contact them via Social Media below :

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Email –
  • Phone – + 31 6 44 28 36 07


100% deposit bonus

If all the features written above still do not convince you to bet on ArcaneBet, the 100% deposit bonus that we provide you should be a compelling reason. If you use the CODE : EBT100 on the website, you will get a 100% deposit bonus. So if you deposit 100 EUR, you will receive an additional 100 EUR to bet with.

The website is very secure and transparent in all their policies. They want you to bet responsibly and not lose control. Their website agrees to all the rules and regulations set by the regulator. This is one of the best websites for you to place your bets. Be sure to use EBT100 as your promo code in order to double your investment.

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