Astralis secure their tenth Title for 2018 with the Blast Pro Series Lisbon

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Astralis has added yet another trophy to its cabinet with their victory at the Blast Pro Series 2018. The Blast Pro series took place at the Altice Arena in Lisbon. It had a prize pool of $250,000 with $125,000 going to the team securing the first place [ Astralis ].

The Danish team ends their year with a stunning ten victories in 2018. Their victories came with the following events.

  1. DreamHack Masters Marseille
  2. EPL Season Seven Finals
  3. ECS Season Five Finals
  4. ELEAGUE CS: GO Premier
  5. FACEIT London Major
  6. BLAST Pro Series Istanbul
  7. IEM Chicago
  8. ECS Season Six Finals
  9. EPL Season Eight-Finals.
  10. Blast Pro Series Lisbon

The team has managed to secure a dominant status in Counter-Strike with this performance. While early 2018 saw Faze Clan possibly challenging Astralis, as the year wore on there was no competition. Other teams were mostly busy with their own internal problems such as stand-ins, roster changes and just poor performances. However, Astralis has managed to maintain a similar level of dominance throughout the year. It is not just the number of trophies which make Astralis such a strong team. It is their ability to win their matches with comfortable ease which puts them firmly at the top. With this roster, there is a possibility that it is already the best Counter-Strike team of all time.

In addition to the above events, Astralis are also the winners of the Intel Grand Slam Season 1.

The Blast Pro Series Lisbon

The tournament was the first esports event in Portugal for 2018. RFRSH Entertainment recently secured $10 million in funding. With the Astralis team and Blast Pro Series under its portfolio, the organiser is looking to host even more events in the near future. Their next event takes place in Brazil with the Blast Pro Series Sao Paolo. They have already confirmed the attendance of Made in Brazil at the event. It will take place in March 2019.

Blast Pro Series Lisbon saw a very loud crowd with a lot of enthusiasm for the game. There was no dearth of support for almost all the teams since the crowd did not have a home team. Watching quality Counter-Strike and getting a chance to meet their favourite players was a wonderful opportunity for the fans.

The Counter-Strike scene goes into a vacation for now. The action resumes very soon in the new year with the CS: GO Minors going live with the CIS and European Minor qualifiers on January 16th. Astralis will take part in the IBuyPower Masters IV starting on January 19th, 2019.

The Final Prize pool Distribution for Blast Pro Series Lisbon is as follows:

  1. Astralis – $125,000
  2. Natus Vincere – $50,000
  3. Cloud9 – $25,000
  4. MIBR – $15,000
  5. FaZe – $10,000 (+$20,000 from Stand-off)
  6. NiP – $5,000
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