Astralis Win the Starladder Berlin Major 2019; Their Fourth Major Victory

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Astralis won the Starladder Berlin Major after a quick 2-0 victory over AVANGAR. The Danish team secured their third consecutive Major victory, and their fourth overall. 

AVANGAR had a dream run from the Challengers stage to the Grand finals. The CIS team moved past some really strong teams en route to the Grand finals, however, they met their match in Astralis. The Danes are in great form, and they have reached a level of dominance in Counter-Strike which no team has found an answer to, yet. 

The Grand Finals – A Danish shutdown

Inferno started off with Astralis dominating on the T side and they won XYZ straight rounds. The Danish team was excellent at reading the AVANGAR defense the CIS team had no reply to the Danish aggression. Even their star player, Jame could not have a positive impact in the game, ending the first half with just one kill on the scoreboard. 

It took Adren’s quad-kill in the 9th round which helped AVANGAR get on board. Unfortunately, the team never recovered and could not find an answer to Astralis’ aggression on their T-side. Despite being a CT sided map, Astralis secured 12 rounds on their T-side. 

The first map was a question of when and not if Astralis would close it out. Jame stepped up in the second half, but the team did not have enough rounds to possibly mount a comeback. 

Dust 2: Same story once again

Dust 2 was significantly better for AVANGAR, however, they were never really in contention to possibly win the map. Astralis looked so strong throughout the map, constantly pushing on their CT side, gaining valuable information. They also had some great retakes with timely coordination and excellent synergy. 


The first half ended with a 4-11 scoreline, and Astralis never took their foot off the gas. They continued playing in pretty much the same fashion as on Inferno and closed out the map 16-XYZ. 

Device had a superstar performance on his birthday as he top-fragged on both the maps to destroy AVANGAR’s hopes of putting up any fight. 

The Starladder Berlin Major was one of the most dominant Major victories in CSGO history, and it was fitting that Astralis won their third Major in a row; and their fourth overall. 

With this victory, Astralis secure the prize money of $500,000 but announce their return to the top of the CSGO scene, yet again. 


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