Astralis Defeat Team Liquid to win BLAST Pro Series Global Finals

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Danish team Astralis have added yet another tournament victory to their list achievements with the BLAST Pro Series Global Finals. 

Astralis won BLAST Pro Series Global Finals after a 2-0 victory over their arch-rivals Team Liquid. With this victory, Astralis extend their lead over their opponents in the global rankings and continue to stand tall as the best CS:GO team in the world. 

Astralis win BLAST Pro Series Global Finals

Astralis and Team Liquid met in the Grand Finals of BLAST Pro Series Global Finals, but it was a story that CS:GO fans have seen play out before. The Danish team made quick work of Team Liquid, once again defeating the North American hopefuls in two straight maps. 

Team Liquid BLAST Pro Series Twistzz
Team Liquid placed second at BLAST Pro Series Global Finals. Image Credit: BLAST

The first map was Team Liquid’s map pick of Inferno, but they looked extremely weak and confused on the map. Astralis started off extremely strong, winning the first eight rounds to establish an early 8-0 lead over Team Liquid. The North American team did manage to claw back four rounds towards the start of the half, but it was never going to be enough on a map that is at best, equally strong for either team. 


Astralis had excellent grenade usage and Team Liquid members were often low HP by the time they reached the bomb-site. Despite having inferior weapons, the M4 is not as strong as the AK, Astralis’ grenade usage was on point and allowed them the advantage in duels. 

Team Liquid had a mini-comeback in the second half, but it was a race against time as Astralis needed just one more round after 15-7. The Danes ultimately were victorious in the 27th round after a phenomenal individual performance by their star player, Dev1ce. 

Nuke was the second map and it was much closer than Inferno. Team Liquid started off on the CT side but only managed to win eight rounds after allowing Astralis to take an early lead. On their CT side, Astralis secured the victory with a bit of luck and some amazing individual performances by their in-game leader, Glaive. The player helped Astralis win eco rounds and shut down Team Liquid in subsequent rounds. 

With this victory, Astralis confirm their status as the best team in the world. 

Here are the final prize distributions for the BLAST Pro Series Global Finals. 

  • Astralis – $350,000
  • Liquid – $80,000
  • NiP – $35,000
  • FaZe – $15,000 (+$20,000 from Stand-off)
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