Even though the best South American team tried their best, they will have to leave the Major

Group Stage

Despite the fact that beastcoast player very well in the groups, they couldn’t go to the Upper Bracket. They were very close to win against Team Secret but in the end, it was just not enough. 

As a result, Elvis “Scofield” De la Cruz Peña and his team-mates went to the Lower Bracket

LB Run

The first challenege ahead of BC was paiN gaming. As expected, they had absolutely no problems dealing with their enemies. Although paiN are very dangerous, the best-of-one scenario is just too random.

Aftheir their easy victory, beastcoast had to face their biggest challenge yet – Nigma. The WePlay! Bukovel Minor Champions dropped to the LB after losing against EG in R1 of the UB.

Despite the fact that no one believed in them, the South American powerhouse was able to win this amazing series. While it’s true that it was not a walk in the park for them, they ended up with a 2-1 score which was enough to eliminate their enemies from the tournament.

However, their big victory was short lived because their next opponent was too strong. Invictus Gaming are one of the biggest surprises at this tournament so far, and they’ve proved it yet again.

After two nearly one-hour long games, the Chinese were able to deliver their knock-out punch and eliminate beastcoast from the tournament.

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