Betting Guide to CSGO

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Betting has been one of the pillars in Counter Strike Global offensive. It is a parallel, legal economy right now with people betting on their favorite teams to win matches. Betting helps players stay excited and enthusiastic about matches. They follow the professional scene loyally trying to gain any sort of information that can be helpful to them in deciding who to bet on.

Betting is the activity of predicting esports results and placing a wager on the outcome. Esports Bettors place their bets legally via several bookmakers. Betting on eSports has become one of the most lucrative options for eSports bookmakers. It has already surpassed betting on other traditional sports such as Golf for certain bookmakers.

If you are new to betting, this post will help you a lot. We will try to cover the basics of betting along with some mid level strats towards betting. However you have to remember, betting style is an individual thing and nothing can replace hard work based on facts.

What are  the best websites for betting?

ESports-betting -tips

Broad Guidelines to Betting

  • Never All – in
  • Do not Bet on every match
  • Do not Rage bet
  • Avoid Shady / Unknown teams

Do not all in

This is a basic of Betting. You might have seen bettors take a risk and all in. Some win big, but most of them lose it all. If you are new and starting out in betting on CSGO; never all in on any match.

The lure of a higher payout might be tempting, but most of the time it only results in you losing all your money. Try to diversify your bets over several bets. This will help you reduce the risk status of your bets.

There is no doubt that you cannot win on every match. There are always matches that you will lose, despite doing the best research and due to unfortunate circumstances. It is how betting works. Your decision to not go all in will help you lower the risk of losing money.

The number of matches you do decide to bet on at a time is your personal preference. We have found 3-4 is the sweet spot. It is not too big a number that your profits are so miniscule they will not matter, neither is it too small a number which multiplies your risk assessment by 2-3 times.

Do not Bet on every match

You might have a winning streak of over 10 matches. That does not guarantee a win in the next match. A bet should be placed after careful research on a match. Knowledge of the team, the tournament and the players is of utmost importance in gaining a overview of the

Match scenario.

Betting on every match makes you an addict. Period. It is the urge to bet on every match and the belief that you know enough to win every match that distinguishes casual bettors from habitual bettors. That is the line when you should take a break from betting and cool off. It is important to keep yourself detached from consistent betting. Habitual bettors are prone to making spot decisions. Needless to say, they form the highest percentage of losers.

Do not Rage Bet

You spent an hour researching on the teams. You checked the player’s social profiles, their team performances, any snippets from the coach. Everything pointed to one team winning. You decided to bet on that team, but unfortunately they lost.

It’s OK.

Do not rage bet, trying to recover your losses. That is the worst form of betting as it entails hasty decisions. Hasty decisions with a set target goal in mind, often lead to big bets on underdogs/  risky matches.

Sometimes it leads to a cycle of bets which can all turn negative for you. It’s ok to lose. Accept it and move on.

Avoid Shady / Unknown teams

There are several Tier2 / Tier 3 CSGO teams in competitive play. Many of these teams do not receive a good salary and are not compensated enough for their time. Even players with valid legal contracts have reported delays of upto 1 year in receiving payments.

This can prompt certain teams / players to end up on the wrong side of bets, with purpose. There have been several allegations over the years. Certain teams are prone to losing bets consistently against much weaker opponents. You place the same teams in a dire situation against some decent opponents and they will come out strong.

It is best to avoid such teams studying a team should not be limited to their past 2-3 matches. You have to see a pattern in their games. There might be teams losing all their matches, but with extremely close scorelines. They are trying, but falling short.

On the other hand, there might be teams who are just whitewashed. We have seen several 16-1, 16-3 scorelines amongst equally matches teams. It is important to try to understand what caused these score lines.

But if you do not understand any logic behind the score lines, betting on such matches is best left alone.

It is important to do your homework before betting. How do you find information that is relevant to your team / match? What are the factors that one should consider while betting? Are certain teams more prone to certain factors? If yes, What are they?

Study the teams

One of the first steps that everyone should take while researching the teams is to go through their past results. The recent performance of a team is very important in understanding where they stand in the current week. A team might have just won the major, but they took a 2 month break from competitive gaming. You do not bet on that team simply cause of their last result , which was over two months ago.

What are the factors to be considered while studying the teams?

  • Team Roster Changes
  • Number of matches played by the team in recent weeks

Study the players

Players’ mindset is extremely important to their performance in game. Even the best of players have had bad days. Most of the times this is linked to something external. It might not always be possible to understand what is bugging a player; but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Players from different regions are have different approaches to social media.

From what we have seen players from Americas have a tendency to express their opinion more on Twitter. It might be useful to make a list of the professional players and glance through the list every now and then.

With this small but simple step you can avoid any possible poor performance due to the player not being in the proper frame of mind. Any impending roster changes, upcoming payment issues might be hinted on social media and it is a big factor to account for while betting.

EU players generally tend to be more vocal on Twitch streams. While this is not a strict theory, it’s more of a probability. Make sure to follow reddit for any information about your player / team. The Globaloffensive subreddit is as good a place to search for information as any.

Check for Odd Shifts

Not everyone has the time or energy to study players / teams on a regular basis. Betting is an urge and they end up betting despite not knowing much. It is a conscious decision and we respect that. Is there any other simpler, faster way of avoiding a calamity?

Check for insane odd shifts. Odd shifts usually happen because some new information has come into light for more well read bettors. They change their bets / counter bet themselves to avoid losses. While this is not a definitive way to avoid massive pitfalls, it can help you in most of the cases.

Check other analysts

There are multiple CSGO betting analysts posting regularly on the internet. Many of them are just startups such as yourself who are trying to get popular. But there are always a few who know what they are talking about. Do not Blindly follow any betting analyst. Use his resources to formulate your own opinion. Most of the analysts do your homework for you. They study the teams, their performances, the players; basically everything mentioned before this section. Use this to your advantage. Gain knowledge, facts and base your bet based on the decision you take with the help of these facts.

Check trends in their results

Sometimes teams end up performing bad after a major tournament. This might be due to lack of practise or just a relaxed attitude overall. It is important to filter out such teams and keep tabs on them throughout upcoming tournaments. Keeping a small note against the team is a smart way of going about things. Do not trust your memory, trust facts.

Esports betting is not easy. A successful bettor requires lots of research and knowledge in order to correctly place bets.  Despite having all information, it might be possible for you to lose. Analyzing your losses is as important as researching the bets.

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