Black^ join T1 to complete for the LA Major

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T1 is a legendary name when it comes down to League of Legends. However, the organization decided that it’s time to move to other games as well, which is why they’ve created a Dota 2 team around Forev.

Even though he managed to gather decent players, the wins weren’t there. As a result, most players left and T1 remained with just Forever yet again.

New Roster

It seems like T1 will try to take over the Dota 2 world once again. This time, the organization gathered some pretty impressive names, one of which is Black^.

As you know, he is one of the best German Dota 2 players around. Even though he played for many teams throughout the years, he was teamless for some time now. During that time, he filled in the role of a caster, as well as an analyst. 

That said, he is now back alongside players such as Febby and inYourDream.


The first challenege ahead of the new team are the qualifiers for the LA Major. They begin in just a couple of days from now, so definitely don’t miss them out.

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