BLAST Reveals Twelve Partner Teams for BLAST Premier

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BLAST has announced the full list of twelve teams that will be a part of BLAST Premier 2020. 

The twenty teams include some of the biggest names in Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and fans can expect quality Best-of-three matches. BLAST Premier 2020 is a closed-circuit tournament series that aims to provide fans with the best quality Counter-Strike.

What is BLAST Premier and How is it different from BLAST Pro Series?

BLAST Premier features twelve teams that will compete in various BLAST events across the globe. The tournament series presents a sustainable format for CS:GO teams and players, allowing them to plan their schedule ahead of time. 

In September, BLAST revealed BLAST Premier, including the tournament series format, the prize pool, and other details about the event. 

BLAST Premier will feature a total prize pool of $4,250,000. There will be two seasons in a year, the Spring Season and the Fall Season. Each season will have a prize pool of $1,375,000, and the year ends with the Global Final. 

The Global Final will feature BLAST member teams and also include the best CS:GO teams not a part of the BLAST Premier circuit. This includes CS:GO Major winners and high-ranked CS:GO teams. 

The Global Final features a total prize pool of $1.5 million, with the winners featuring prize money of $1,000,000. 

Which Are the Twelve BLAST Premier Teams?


How Does BLAST Premier Benefit CS:GO Teams?

CS:GO has an open tournament circuit that allows multiple tournament organizers to host CS:GO events and compete against the heavyweights in the industry. BLAST is one of the latest entrants in the events space as they hosted their first event in 2017. Over the past few years, BLAST have increased the number of events, improved the quality of their events, and have not planned the BLAST Premier tournament circuit for 2020. 

However, tournament organizers often take on the most expenses in the industry with minimal returns. The closed tournament circuit is BLAST’s way of ensuring increased profitability within the industry. It is not a franchise system similar to Blizzard’s OWL and CDL; however, it is a stopgap method for teams and organizers to march towards profitability. 

Valve prohibits teams from being  exclusive to a select few members, and that is why BLAST Premier Global Finals will include the best CS:GO teams, even if they are not BLAST Premier partner teams. 

When Does BLAST Premier Start?

BLAST Premier 2020 will start in January 2020 with the first tournament set to take place in London. BLAST have not announced the number of events for each season; neither have they revealed the locations of these events. 

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