BOOM ID and PlayMaker Esports eliminated from the Bucharest Minor.

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The third day of the Bucharest Minor has come to an end with the first two eliminations of the Minor. Playermakers Esports and BOOM ID found themselves out of the Bucharest Minor after losing their respective lower bracket matches.

Meanwhile, in the upper bracket, Ehome and Gambit cruised along without losing a single game. Gambit continued their dominance over TI8 Champions OG as they won their match 2-0. Meanwhile, OG moves down to the Lower Bracket and will face NIP in their Lower Bracket match.

BOOM ID vs Team Team


The first game of the series has one of the weirdest endings in the history of professional Dota 2. BOOM ID had a decent mid-game to the opening match with their Slark, Tiny and Panda. Team Team’s Medusa would come online much later, but once he did become stronger, there was no obstacle for Team Team. There was no obstacle except for the creeps.

The game came down to a base race. The radiant creeps were pushing the top lane and hitting the throne. Meanwhile, Team Team had a singular focus, to win the team fight and end the game. However, they did not notice the creeps pushing their throne; and possibly winning the game for BOOM ID. When Boom ID called GG, it was much to the casters shock and awe. They did not expect this ending. Even after the GG was called, the radiant creeps actually managed to take down the dire throne first. However, unfortunately for BOOM ID; they had already surrendered and there was no going back.

The second game saw BOOM ID continue their early game dominance. With Fibroz’s Juggernaut seemingly unstoppable, they had little to worry about. As Team Team put their focus on shutting down Merrain’s Lina, Fibroz got a lot of space to farm and get crucial items. BOOM ID closed the game within 33 minutes and headed to the decider.

Team Team secure their victory, but one wonders what could have been.


The third game saw Team Team take the game to BOOM ID. Sammy’s Terrorblade got all the farm he needed and he was able to ransack the BOOM ID roster. Between Sammy and Ryoya’s Pugna, BOOM ID could not even position themselves correctly. The Netherward was doing a lot of work in team fights. The BOOM ID supports [ Dazzle and Earth Spirit ] were definitely having a hard time as they were unable to position themselves at all. Team Team won the game and the series, but one wonders what could have been if BOOM ID won the first game.

Team Team was not the obvious victor in this match. In terms of performance, BOOM ID stood up to the team. In a post-match interview, IXMIKE88 said that the team did not notice their own throne during Game 1. It was only during a replay that they saw they were bound to lose the match if BOOM ID did not call out GG. Dota 2 has seen hundreds of thousands of professional matches in the past, but this is probably the first game with such an ending.

PlayMakers Esports lose to the Ninjas.


The second game was much more one-sided than we have seen in the first lower bracket match. The PlaymakersEsports team was unable to secure a single win in the Group stage, and they continued their performance in the Playoffs as well.

Ninjas in Pyjamas was able to easily cruise past the Peruvian roster as they won the match 2-0. While the first game was a relatively straightforward draft by Peter Dager; the second game saw them experiment with an OD & Visage. In the draft phase, Playmakers did not look like the loser. However, they were unable to match-up the individual playstyle and performance of the NIP players.

Regardless of their loss, Playmakers still gain valuable experience from the Bucharest Minor. They never expected to win the Minor at all, however, they did possibly expect to win a few games. We hope this will only serve as a learning experience for the South American team. For now, NIP moves on to the next phase and will meet OG in the Lower Bracket Round 2 matches.  

Bucharest Day 4 Schedule and Streams.


  • 10:00 EET – Keen Gaming vs Team Team (elimination series)
  • 13:00 EET  – OG vs Ninjas in Pyjamas (elimination series)
  • 16:00 EET  – Gambit Esports vs EHOME (upper bracket finals)
  • 19:00 EET  – TBD vs TBD (elimination series)

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