Boston Major, Day 1 – DC and VP conquer the Group Stage

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The result of the first day of the Boston Major Group Stage are in! Digital Chaos and Virtus.Pro top their respective group brackets after a series of outstanding plays. Virtus.Pro have escaped the jaws of many teams, through sheer pushing power and strats while DC have gone against all betting odds and have had a flawless run throughout group A.

Nail-biting tense and extremely satisfying, that’s how we sum up yesterday’s Dota 2 spectacle. The Boston Major Group Stage are currently underway, as yesterday we saw Group A and B play throughout the day.

The Boston Major has already kicked off in a great way with a charismatic and highly entertaining panel led by Alex “Machine” Richardson that was continuously derailed by the shenanigans of Jacob “SirActionSlacks” Kanner.

But the heart of the event lied within the group stage matches, that kept us at the edge of our seats and featured odd-defying moments, tales of bravado and a good pinch of Hail Mary strats.

Starting with Group A, we have Digital Chaos sitting on top of the bracket, after a flawless run. Due to a rather underwhelming season, many critics and betting sites gave the NA team low odds of success, but DC decided to defy all expectations and steamrolled through the Group Stage.

Group B would also be the stage of some of the finest Dota 2, this season. Virtus Pro have raised to the top of the bracket after a phenomenal series of matches, that have tested VP resolve. In their second game versus Newbee, with over 15k in net worth and over 20k experience deficit by the 20 minute mark, Virtus Pro’s chances of winning the battle were lowering every second.  Yet, after two successive and successful attempts at guarding the middle barracks against DK’s demolishing flames,  VP continued to defy the strength of Newbee.

The breakthrough the overwhelming power of the Chinese team was made by Ramzes666’s Drow Ranger, aided by Io, who managed to sneak behind the enemy lines and destroy two of Newbee’s melee racks. The grasp of Newbee would come and try to engulf our daring heroes. Thanks to Io’s relocate, both Drow and Io returned to the safety of their fountain leaving everybody shocked and amazed by their cunning and bravery. Soon after, Newbee would capitulate, succumbing to the aggressive pushes of the CIS team.

Unfortunately, on the other  side of the Group B spectrum we have MVP.Phoenix who have struggled against their opponents. Losing versus Newbee and then Team NP 2:1, MVP.Phoenix slid into the last seed and will have to face one of the top three teams from the remaining brackets.

Today, the final two groups – C and D – are already disputing their first matches of the day. After the results of these two matches are in, the Boston Major will continue with it’s Main Event, on the December 7th.


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