China postpones its qualifiers for the LA Major

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As you probably know by now, the world is currently going through hard time thanks to the coronovirus. Needless to say, the gaming scene is also hurt by it.

LA Major qualifiers

The qualifiers for the third DPC Major will start in just a couple of days from now. However, we are sad to inform you that one of the stronggest regions in China is postopning the qualifiers.


It seems like the situation in China is just getting worse and worse very single day. Apart from the ordinary life of peope, it seems like the virus also got to gaming.

What now?

We still have no information what will happen with the upcoming qualifiers. On theory, they should’ve started on the 7th of Februray. However, after Valve’s decision to postpone them, we have no idea what will happen.

We will most likely see the qualifiers taking place a couple of weeks later. However, it all comes down to whether the virus gets contained or not. So far, the situation doesn’t seem that good.

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