Cloud9 goes the European route, signs Kioshima to its CSGO roster

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The Boston Major CS: GO Champions, Cloud9 recently formally announced the addition of Kioshima to their lineup. Post the CS: GO major victory, Cloud9 were unable to retain their players. With poor performances and lack of results, it was not a big surprise to see Tarik and Stewie2k leave the team for Made in Brazil. However, in their attempt to rebuild their lineup, Cloud9 decided to look beyond North America.

They added Golden and Flusha to their roster, it gave them a very International look. With Rush and Autimatic on the roster, it was time for Valens to ensure a smooth transition for the Europeans onto this team. Recently, they used Kioshima as a stand-in on their team for the Blast Pro Series Copenhagen.

I’m so proud of the way we’ve built this team and kioShiMa has been a great addition to the C9 family already. We’re all excited to see what the team can do in competition!


Jack Etienne, Cloud CEO & Owner

Poor performance, but time for a new beginning


Cloud9 did not have the best performance at the event, however, they definitely found the necessary synergy amongst the team. Kioshima has been a part of several top-tier teams in the past. However, he is also one of the most unlucky players in the Counter-Strike scene. Despite his skill, he has not found favour with many French teams. The French scene is riddled with players choosing friends over skill. Team Rosters are determined simply by player’s choices and friendships. For the most part, The French scene is on a steep decline right now. Despite having some promising talents in Tier 2 French scene, we still see Kioshima being relegated to either being a free agent or possibly playing for lesser teams.

A new chapter in Kioshima’s career, can he help Cloud9 reach the very top?


Our search to find that elusive form from earlier this year has been long and gruelling, but hopes are high. Fabien has already made a great impression, both as a teammate and player, and the team is ready to build on our exciting first step at Copenhagen. We are looking forward to showing you a revitalized Cloud9 leading into the next major.


Soham “Valens” Chowdhury, Cloud9 CS: GO Head Coach

Kioshima presents the perfect fit for the new Cloud9. His importance to the team stems not only in his skill but also the cohesion he brings to the team. He puts the team first and that is what enables the other stars on the team to shine. He has a lot of experience and is well respected by other professionals in the scene. With Golden and Flusha also joining the team from Europe, this team is now comprised of Majority of Europeans.

Cloud9 is no longer the best team in North America

For the longest period of time, Cloud9 was the best team in North America. They won the Boston Major and that revived hopes for Cloud9 [ and North America] stature in Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

Their attempt to find a fifth player has been a long drawn one. Kioshima’s addition to the team allows the team to have a couple of veterans at the helm. However, it will be Golden in the leadership position. He was able to help Fnatic win WESG 2017 and IEM Katowice 2017. While he was kicked from the roster eventually, he did leave his mark on the International scene.

The team will appear next at the ECS Season 6 LAN Finals starting on 22nd of November.

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