Cloud9 loan Golden to the Ninjas for the Berlin Major

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The Ninjas in Pyjamas announced Maikil “Golden” Kunda Selim as a stand-in for the upcoming Berlin Major. The Ninjas in Pyjamas were in the Top Eight at IEM Katowice and thus securing their Legends Status. The Swedish roster lost 0-2 to the eventual Champions, Astralis; however, for many fans, they had already accomplished their goal for the Katowice Major. 

However, the period following the Katowice Major has not been kind for the Ninjas. They have only been able to secure two Top 4 finishes in events post the Major. Both events were the Blast Pro Series events, and thus the importance of these placements diminishes significantly. 

The Legend Get_Right Is One of the Most Popular Players in CSGO

Get_Right celebrating
Get_Right ends nearly seven years as a player for the Ninjas.

Get_Right is synonymous with Counter-Strike Global Offensive. His performance as a player was at its peak in the early days of Counter-Strike. However, it is not his results on NIP ( which are quite a few ) that put him as one of the favourite players for many fans. Get_Right’s determination and hard-work is legendary. He is not the most skilled player in the game, certainly not as talented as the likes of S1mple, Zywoo and Niko. However, the player believes in hard work and regular practice to keep improving his game. 

Once known as the best lurker in the game, Get_Right has adapted to the changes in the game and the structure of the esports scene. He has moved from the lurker to an In-Game Leader and also played a semi-support role on the NIP roster. While NIP has never really reached the same level as in the early days of Counter-Strike, their fanbase has not really dwindled by a lot. 

In fact, in March 2019, Get_Right overtook PashaBiceps as the all-time leader in the most number of kills. This is more of a testament to how NIP has managed to stay near the Top 10 of the CS: GO scene. With years of experience, Get_Right becoming the leader in the number of kills is not quite surprising. 

Get_Right’s Time on NIP Is Coming to an End

Get_Right with hands folded on stage
An Illustrious Playing career for Get_Right will come to an end after the Berlin Major. Image Credit: ESL

Get_Right is finally stepping down from the Ninjas roster after a long time. He joined NIP August of 2012 and has stayed on the CS: GO roster for 7 years. On 19th of June 2019, NIP announced the addition of Nicolas “Plopski” Gonzalez Zamora to their CS: GO roster. He replaces Dennis “Dennis” Edman on the team. In the same announcement, NIP also announced that their star player Get_Right will be stepping down from the roster post the Berlin Major 2019. 

Today we embark on the journey of transforming the Counter-Strike team. To maintain a position as a top tier team, changes to the roster are needed. We have very talented players, but the roles required on the team is something we have to change to make sure we perform at a stable level over time. I am excited to take on these changes with the first step of welcoming Plopski to the team.

Faruk ‘pita’ Pita

Get_Right will still continue to be a part of the NIP organisation. However, his time as a player will come to an end post the Berlin Major. The stepping down of one of the best players in the game is definitely a momentous occasion for the game. 

Golden to Play for NIP at the Berlin Major

Maikil "Golden" Kunda Selim
Golden joins NIP on Loan from Cloud9 for the duration of the Berlin Major.

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Plopski is unable to attend the Berlin Major due to Valve’s rules. As a result, NIP has now announced that they will be bringing on Maikil “Golden” Kunda Selim to stand-in for the team during the Major. Golden has had a colourful past with some quality improvements during his time on Fnatic. He led Fnatic to a very successful period where they saw the return to form for many veteran players on the team. However, Fnatic made the decision to replace him with Xizt as their In-Game Leader. 

Golden has moved to the North American roster, Cloud9. He was unable to put forth a strong performance and string of results for the team. The Cloud9 roster was riddled with instability and multiple roster changes. Cloud9’s decision not to keep their core roster ensured that they lost their spot for the upcoming Major. 

Golden: Proven Track Record with Swedish Players

Maikil "Golden" Kunda Selim
Golden. Image Credit: HLTV

Golden has a proven track record when it comes to working with Swedish players. He was able to lead the Fnatic roster to a very successful period in their history. Fnatic has not been able to replicate the same level of performance since Golden’s departure. Golden is not a player who is extremely flashy and puts up big numbers. However, despite his below-average performance with the rifle, Fnatic was still able to put up decent results. This speaks volumes to the player’s leadership abilities. 

His ability to put forth strong team performances is what makes him ideal for the NIP roster. The fully Swedish team has shown us glimpses of some really strong individual skill. Get_Right was the In-Game Leader for NIP, however, he was not able to influence the team in a big way. It is obviously time for him to depart and there is little to doubt this decision. The team’s lack of performance was worrying for many, however, Golden should hopefully help the team at the Major. The Berlin Major is one of the testing grounds for NIP. They have to make the decision on the replacement for a player like Get_Right. 

NIP: Not a Champions Contender Yet

Golden’s addition to the team does not make them a Championship roster. The team still needs to hit their shots and perform well as a roster. The NIP roster is not yet at the level of multiple Tier one teams. However, for the Swedish roster, their motive will be to secure their Legends spot. 

Securing a Top eight and qualifying for The New Champions Stage. This will secure a direct invitation to the subsequent Counter-Strike Major ( in 2020). Golden still has some time to help the Ninjas team practice together for the Major. At present, he is a part of the Cloud9 organization, however, if NIP put forth a strong result at Berlin, we might see a change. Golden’s performance and leadership results at the Major will play a significant role in deciding his future. The Ninjas are one of the most popular teams in Counter-Strike and it is high time that their results reflect their popularity. Hopefully Golden is able to help Get_Right achieve a respectable exit in his last event as a NIP player. 

NIP will next play at ESL One Cologne, the Cathedral of Counter-Strike. They will play with Plopski and you can catch the action live on Twitch

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