Coldzera leaving MiBR is a dangerous move for the whole Brazilian scene

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Awarded twice the yearly title best CSGO player in the world, coldzera is now far from the spotlights. Not by his choice though, but as a result of MiBR poor results this year. However, everything is pointing for a big change coming in the player’s career.

According to rumors and teases from other professional players, coldzera time in MiBR is coming to an end. If the rumors are to be believed, the Major will be the last time we will see him playing under FalleN’s leadership.

Of course, coldzera is one of the most important players in the Brazilian scene. Whatever decision he takes after MiBR, or even if he decides to stay with his current team, it will have consequences within his national scene.

Before we dive in analyzing those possible consequences, let’s understand who’s coldzera, and what’s the scene status at the moment.

One of the best CSGO players ever

Coldzera achievements in his career are outstanding, to say the very least. Chosen as the best player in the world 2016 and 2017 by HLTV, then placed at 10th last year, coldzera is a household name by now.

His achievements obviously don’t stop there, of course. Coldzera also won two Majors, won multiple high tier tournaments and more. All of this while being the main fragger of his team.

As fans know though, MiBR hasn’t been the same team that once dominated the scene and stayed as the best team in the world for months. Since half of 2018, MiBR has been constantly falling down the world rank.

At the moment, MiBR has been in one of their worst crisis ever. Being eliminated first in ESL One Cologne 2019 and ECS Season VII Finals coupled with underwhelming results all-year long certainly has brought the team to a breakdown point.

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Coldzera has admitted in the past that he has played with the idea of leaving the team. First in 2017, but back then MiBR managed to recover from their bad phase. This time around as things seems to only get worse, he probably has no doubt about it.

After all, even with all those bad results, coldzera kept posting very respectable numbers and ratings. Being stuck with a team that is unable to fully use his potential certainly is a waste for his career.

CSGO’s Brazilian scene is in turmoil

MiBR situation reflects well their national scene. It has been a long time since the days of the old Immortals crew fighting with Fallen’s squad among the top 10 teams in the world.

For a brief period in June, MiBR shared the top 10 with FURIA. Right now, though, MiBR is gone from the top 10, and FURIA is on the brink of getting out of there too.

Sharks, the third best Brazilian team has been steadily improving but they still are unexperienced. So, this leaves us with MiBR and FURIA.

MiBR struggles are well known by now as Fallen fails to reinvent himself. FURIA in the other hand rose to the ranks faster than they could manage to hold.

FURIA high placing in ECS S7 Finals and DH Master Dallas certainly created a high-pressure environment for them. Those results couldn’t be replicated lately though. FURIA failed to qualify for ESL One NY and finished last in ESL One Cologne.

The future for FURIA is definitely uncertain. Other Brazilian teams, like Luminosity, MiBR and INTZ desperately needs to look at themselves before any more roster moves.

Leaving MiBR to join another national team can help coldzera find his place amongst the best once again

Everything points to coldzera leaving MiBR after the Major regardless of upcoming tournaments’ results. Even his current teammate ‘fer’ has stated as such in one of his live streams.

Fans have been speculating that coldzera might go international. However, it’s unwise to ignore the possibility that he decides to stay with a Brazilian team. If that’s the case, a team like FURIA getting such an experienced player could instantly boost them.

In the other hand, it’s important to consider that there might be implications of bringing such a high-level veteran to a team of young players. Coldzera might not simply mix well with such a roster due to mentality differences, for example.

If that’s the case, then a team like Luminosity might be a second option for him. Luminosity currently fields the trio of Major finalists of steel, HEN1 and boltz, players that already know coldzera.

This might be the fresh air that coldzera needs, since he hasn’t played with those players for years (except by boltz who played with him for months during 2017 – 2018). However, there’s a possibility of personal issues between coldzera and those players.

If so, the idea of going international is a real possibility.

What coldzera going to an international team means for the professional Brazilian CSGO?

Coldzera hasn’t been the only one putting the numbers for MiBR as ‘fer’ also has been a high impact player. However, coldzera leaving for a team like FaZe, means that MiBR will lost an irreplaceable piece of their team.

With FURIA players having signed five-year contracts, this also means that signing one of them in order to get a firepower source might be off the options for MiBR.

What this all means is that MiBR struggles will get only worse. If FURIA can’t find what brought them so many good results in June, we might as well see the world rankings without a Brazilian team amongst its top 10, top 15 even.

Of course, this is the result of a much more complicated situation. If coldzera stays, it doesn’t mean that MiBR or whatever team he is in will constantly fight for trophies.

There are still problems to iron out before we see a Brazilian roster fighting in the semi-finals, grand-finals of premier events. However, those problems will only get worse without coldzera and with FURIA players locked in their contracts.

A vital piece in rebuilding a high tier Brazilian squad

Staying with a Brazilian roster, be it MiBR or other, coldzera will definitely be an essential piece in rebuilding such a squad. Coldzera is a player that adds firepower, experience and he has shown that he also can help a team tactically during mid-game.

Having him along ‘steel’ and ‘boltz’ can already be an interesting base for a high-level team. In the same note, having coldzera along with young players will definitely be helpful for the scene’s future.

Not only this but we saw what coldzera alone is able to do when his team works well back in SK Gaming in 2017. He can turn rounds, create momentum and boost his teammates confidence.

What coldzera needs at this point is a team that is not breaking like MiBR seems to be. Brazil definitely has the base for such a team, but there needs to be investment in such a project, and scouting.

After all, such a project would be somewhat similar to the current G2 CSGO team. There, ‘shox’ and ‘kennyS’, French legends, lead the young guns and help them develop. All of this while they try to reinvent themselves as players and fight for premier events.

Coldzera joining FaZe is a real possibility

It’s known that coldzera is friend with FaZe’s NiKo, one of the team most important players. As FaZe’s experiment with ‘NEO’ might not be as fruitful as the organization expects, getting coldzera is a possible alternative.

This would mean that NiKo would return to the role of captain, but at the same time, his squad would get an immense boost in their firepower. Maybe they keep NEO and replace ‘olofmeister’ instead.

The implications of such a move are unknown. On paper, at least, having NiKo and Coldzera, players who once fought fiercely for the spot of best player in the world, would certainly turn FaZe into a team with one of the highest raw skill ceilings in CSGO.

This would also be great for coldzera in an individually level. Coldzera has played under FalleN for a long time, and having a completely different structure will certainly give him another dimension as a player.

Coldzera future might be uncertain, but CSGO won’t be stopping anytime soon

As stated before, rumors are pointing to coldzera leaving MiBR after the Major as ‘zews’ won’t be able to play there as a replacement. However, until then, there’s many tournaments to follow!

Be sure to check our predictions page to get the most detailed analysis for each match, and keep up with updates here!

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