What if CS:GO Got New Modes?

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CS:GO competitions are, and have been, always basically the same. Teams go against each other in a first to 16 rounds format, sometimes with overtime. Sure, the teams may be split into different groups based on skill, but the overarching concept is still the same. What if instead of just team deathmatch, CS:GO competitions had different modes in tournaments?

Current Community Modes

Believe it or not, CS:GO has different community-made modes such as hide and seek and dodgeball. In dodgeball, players spawn in a basketball court with 1HP and decoy grenades (dodgeballs) are lined up in the middle of the court. Players then have to rush to the middle, grab a decoy and attempt to eliminate the players on the other team. Much like real dodgeball, any decoys thrown can be grabbed and reused. Hide and seek has players be seekers and others be hiders, usually on pretty sizeable maps. With this in mind, why not incorporate these modes into tournament as well?

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Benefits of Different Modes

Think about it, not everyone is a fan of first person shooters but many enjoy simple games like dodgeball and hide and seek. Opening up these modes to eSports competitions would not only arouse the interests of people not interested in first person shooters but also those who have yet to find their niche in eSports. Apart from this, we could perhaps see an entire new kind of people participating in eSports.

Hide and seek in CS:GO do not require the amount of skills that normal deathmatch does. You don’t need to aim a gun or be aware of your in-game surroundings; all you need to do is move and click. This could entice people who are not good at the base game like little children or maybe even elders! Imagine a 50+ CS:GO Dodgeball Tournament; it might not be the most exciting match of the century, but it would sure be entertaining. After all, aren’t eSports meant to be the all-inclusive sport with no age or gender barriers?

Image courtesy of CLG Red
Image courtesy of CLG Red

You would be a bit hard put to find an all-female football team but in eSports, that is no problem! Female players and teams are easy to find with some big mentions being StarCraft II player Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn, who was recently crowned the highest-earning female eSports player, and CS:GO team CLG Red. In the National Football League, the average career length is about six years but in eSports, such a thing does not exist. In eSports, a player can exist for as long as they are able to keep their reflexes up. A prime example of this would be Virtus.Pro’s Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas, who turned 30 in June of this year. He has been playing Counter-Strike professionally since 2004, that is a 12 year career!


In conclusion, more modes in CS:GO would definitely be a plus all around. Whether they are modes that would be friendly to everyone, like hide and seek or dodgeball, or maybe even something to change up the boring, team death match meta we have been on since Counter-Strike 1.6 came out in 2000. After all, Valve likes money and bringing more people to CS:GO would make more money for Valve, so it’s a win-win situation all around.

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