Ninjas in Pyjamas denounces death threats and toxicity after winning controversial rematch

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Flashpoint 3, the biggest currently on-going event CSGO event has seen its share of controversies. After a rematch between Ninjas in Pyjamas and Anonymo this Tuesday, death threats aimed at players aggravated an already heated discussion.

Let’s take a deep dive and understand what’s going on at the tournament at this time.

Ninjas in Pyjamas and Anonymo rematch

Last Friday (14), Ninjas in Pyjamas opening match against Anonymo in Flashpoint 3 was plagued by technical issues. In order to rectify the issues, Flashpoint’s staff decided on Sunday (16) that a rematch would be scheduled.

The rematch was played this Tuesday (18). Instead of replaying the whole match, only played the final map of the original best-of-three was replayed.

This time around, the match didn’t have any technical issues, fortunately. The game itself finished with a 16 – 14 score, with the Ninjas taking the win, thus taking Anonymo’s spot on the upper-bracket of the tournament.

Unfortunately, the whole situation that has been ongoing since Friday didn’t close right there as not every fan took NiP’s victory well.

Ninjas in Pyjamas’ COO denounces death threats and harassments

In the following hours after the rematch, it was clear that a certain part of the community didn’t accept NiP’s win. While most fans were doing at most light hearted jokes around the whole mess, some took it more seriously.

This was revealed by Ninjas in Pyjamas’ COO Jonas Gundersen. On his Twitter profile, he asked respect towards his players, while mentioning death threats and toxicity.

The discussion continues

Following Jonas’ tweet, other players, such as Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson posted in support to NiP players. Anonymo’s Paweł “innocent” Mocek himself made a quick comment on the situation, calling down the harassment towards NiP players.

Unfortunately, some parts of the community still disagree with the result and the following comments, and these individuals are acting loudly on the internet. Currently, a number of negative replies can be seen on Jonas’ tweet, as well as on ztr’s post-match tweet.

Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz, NiP’s newest player, had also made a post-match tweet that was later on deleted, possibly due to all toxicity it gathered. As many fans pointed, though, deleting such tweet was for the better. NiP players will probably take a break from social networks for the time being.

Still, both Anonymo and the Ninjas intend on continuing forward with Flashpoint 3 taking in consideration the new result. With the rematch done, and the respective adjustments on the tournament brackets made, the competition will proceed.

Death threats are a serious issue within esports

While the discussion should die down in a couple of days, death threats are a massive issue. In this specific case, it’s even worse since Ninjas in Pyjamas’ CSGO squad features a 17-year-old player, Erik “ztr” Gustafsson.

As pointed by olofmeister in his support tweet, when FNATIC was the target for harassment years ago, he almost quit Counter-Strike. We’ve seen similar cases in other games’ scenes and other industries. Toxicity, especially towards younger people, is dangerous.

Fortunately, many took this whole situation in order to denounce such behavior. Frankie Ward, Jacob “Pimp” Winneche and others key figures within esports gave their support against death threats.

Another issue found with Flashpoint 3

While this case is seemingly coming to an end, Flashpoint won’t be catching a break. As noticed by a Twitter user, it seems that the organization is using the wrong ruleset when it comes to overtime settings.

As pointed by the user, other tournaments in the Major circuit are using a $10K OT format, which seems to be standard for Valve events. Flashpoint, in the other hand, is using a $16K OT format.

It’s unknown what’s happening here, but there’s grounds to believe that Flashpoint isn’t respecting Valve rules. This could mean that matches that went to overtime could be voided.

Surely both parties would prefer to avoid that, but Flashpoint 3 needs to address this quick. Moreover, Flashpoint’s credibility had already taken a hit due to how they dealt with the rematch situation between the Ninjas and Anonymo. Now, it could take another shot as confusion spreads.

Flashpoint 3 goes until May 30th

Flashpoint 3 won’t be stopping any time soon as we have many games to watch until May 30th. In the meantime, why not catch-up with everything that has happened so far? Make sure to keep up with us too!

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