Valve To Discuss CSGO Teams’ Conflicts of Interest at ESL One: Road to Rio

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The ESL One: Road To Rio has multiple teams with conflict of interest, in a direct violation of Valve’s CSGO guidelines. ESL is evaluating the nature of these conflicts and will take a decision shortly. Game developer, Valve, is also looking to encourage discussions on multi-team ownership, according to HLTV

One requirement for teams taking part in the ESL One: Road to Rio was for teams to disclose existing conflicts of interest. 

“Participating teams disclose existing conflicts of interest, and that those disclosures be made public so that the community can have an opportunity to discuss them.”

Which Teams Have a Conflict of Interest?

Current Brazilian rifler TACO is an investor in Yeah Gaming. Several other prominent members of the Brazilian esports community such as EG coach, Wilton “zews” Prado and FaZe player, Marcelo “coldzera” David are also investors in the team. The HLTV report also mentions Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo as one of Yeah Gaming’s investors in the past. 

Coldzera in Yellow MIBR Jersey
FaZe Clan player, Coldzera is one of the investors in Yeah Gaming.

Yeah Gaming’s website also declares this relationship on its website. The team announced a new roster in January and added several rising Brazilian CS:GO stars from Sharks, paiN and Imperial Gaming. 

In documents obtained by, there are financial ties between MIBR’s parent group, Immortals and Yeah Gaming. Dead, Zews, Coldzera and TACO are investors in Yeah Gaming. In exchange for a fixed annual fee, Immortals reserves the right to buy up to two players from Yeah Gaming in a calendar year at an agreed-upon price. 

What Does This Mean for CS:GO Teams?

After Valve’s announcement in 2018, several esports academy teams shut down. With no apparent growth prospects in Valve-sponsored tournaments, esports organizations did not see the value in nurturing young talent via academy teams. However, if Valve allows Yeah Gaming and MIBR to proceed in the ESL One: Road to Rio, it could mean the return of Academy teams. 

Dignitas player, Christopher ‘Get_RiGhT’ Alesund also has a financial investment in NiP.


MIBR and Yeah Gaming played against each other in the ESL One: Road to Rio. MIBR won the game 2-0 after a thrilling overtime game on Mirage. NiP and Dignitas will face off on April 24. 

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