Valve Issues Ultimatum To Seven CSGO Teams

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Valve has given seven teams a letter notifying them of conflicts of interest due to multi-team ownership. The game developer has issued an ultimatum to these teams to resolve these conflicts of interest before the ESL One Rio Major. The ESL One Rio Major is the only CS:GO Major for 2020 and will take place in Rio de Janeiro in November. 


Valve’s rules prohibit teams from sharing ownership as it could pose ‘a threat to the integrity of the Majors.’ Valve required all participating teams to sign a ‘conflict of interest’ form at the ESL One: Road to Rio. The tournament is a Regional Major Ranking event that serves as a qualifier for the 2020 CS:GO Major. 


Valve found three instances of conflicts of interest. They involve Yeah Gaming, Get_RiGhT and ENCE.  

Yeah Gaming

Yeah Gaming is a Brazilian CS:GO team with four different owners. Some of its owners are already contracted to rival organizations. The four owners of Yeah Gaming are 

  • Epitacio “TACO” de Melo.

  • Ricardo “dead” Sinigaglia (MIBR).

  • Marcelo “coldzera” David (FaZe).

  • Wilton “zews” Prado (Evil Geniuses).


Dead is the MIBR coach, while former MIBR player coldzera is now playing for FaZe Clan. Meanwhile, former MIBR coach, zews has moved to coach Evil Geniuses’ new roster. 


In addition to these conflicts of interest, Yeah Gaming also has a financial agreement with Immortals Gaming Club. IGC also owns MIBR, a team that includes one of the owners of Yeah Gaming. This agreement allows IGC to buyout at the most two players from yeah Gaming in return for a fixed annual fee. 

Get_RiGhT and Lurppis

Get_RiGhT on LAN
Team Dignitas player Get_RiGhT has a minority stake in the Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Former NiP player Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund has an ownership stake in the team. He is currently playing for Team Dignitas, creating a conflict of interest. However, Team Dignitas and Get_RiGhT are currently working to resolve this issue. 


“Since Christopher was transferred [to Dignitas] in December last year we have had an ongoing conversation about his ownership in Ninjas in Pyjamas and CoI it can have should we participate in the same tournaments,” Ninjas in Pyjamas CEO Hicham Chahine told ESPN. “They have been planning a resolution for some time, which will be completed this summer. Even though the stake is non-controlling of a passive nature, it is important to the integrity we resolve this in due course.”


ENCE co-founder and stakeholder, Tomi “lurppis” Kovanen is now an executive for Immortals Gaming Club. 


Teams have a deadline of before the ESL One Rio Major to resolve their issues. The ESL One Rio Major was pushed back to November due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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