Dallas Fuel Fire Support Player, HarryHook, Over Misogynistic Comments

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Dallas Fuel has released Jonathan Tejedor ‘HarryHook’ Ruadue to player misconduct after the veteran Overwatch player made misogynistic comments in his Discord.


HarryHook has been with Dallas Fuel since 2017 and he was also a part of the original Team EnVyUs roster. He also played for Team Spain in all Overwatch World Cups since 2016. The veteran player mad several  misogynistic and inappropriate comments on Discord resulting in his ouster from the Overwatch League team. 


The player mad multiple comments via Discord using derogatory terms against women. He called some women as “whores” and “bitches” and refused to back down from his stance. Team Envy announced his departure from the team following the community spotlight on the player’s statements. 


What Did HarryHook Do?

Earlier this month, several images of leaked chat records involving HarryHook surfaced on social media and Reddit. These chat logs showed HarryHook using derogatory terms against women. On being confronted, the veteran player refused to back down and doubled down with more inappropriate comments about some women. 




HarryHook was a part of the original Team EnVyUs that participated in APEX. He joined the Dallas Fuels with the launch of Overwatch League. The support player has been a member of the franchise ever since. 

The player continued to use the same terms even after being fired from Team Envy. 



Dallas Fuel have faced several roster troubles in the past few weeks. The North Ameican team released DPS player Jang “Decay” Gui-un from his contract. The Fuel ownership claimed the player refused to work with the staff. The DPS player was one of the best on the Dallas Fuel team and was notorious for his deep hero pool and flexibility.


Dallas Fuel will face off against the Washington Justice on August 7 in the Countdown Cup. Overwatch fans can catch the action live on Twitch


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