DreamHack Masters Spring 2021: Five Storylines to Follow

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Counter-Strike never stops, and in less than a week, another premier event will be starting. DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 is starting soon, and it will feature sixteen teams competing for the lion’s share of the $250,000 prize pool.

As always, premier events carry a lot of importance for the teams taking part on it. DHM Spring 21’s is no different, and some surprises are in order. After all, what’s happening with Astralis? Can Gambit steal the spotlights once again?

In order to make sure you’re ready to follow the teams taking part in the event, let’s take a deeper look at five very interesting storylines happening in the competition!

Na’Vi moves B1T up for DH Spring 21

B1T is Na'Vi's new gamble for the Spring season
B1T is Na’Vi’s new gamble for the Spring season

One of the biggest news surrounding Natus Vincere is that the team will have “flamie” sit out of DreamHack Spring 21. Flamie has been with the team for over six years, but his performance clearly took a dip under the pandemic.

In his place comes “B1T”. The 18-years-old Ukrainian has been showing promising signs after being Na’Vi’s sixth player for months. Now, it’s time for him to prove that he deserves a place among the starting five.

Natus Vincere has much to prove after disappointing results across the past few months. Yet, they still have potential to claim the place of best team in the world. Leading up to the event, “s1mple”, Na’Vi’s star has mentioned that he’s confident going in after practicing with B1T, which certainly increases fans’ hopes.

Now, is B1T the missing piece that will take the Natus Vincere to the throne? That’s what he needs to show here. Na’Vi is playing on group A, and their first match will be against Mousesports.

Another clash between Gambit and Heroic

cadiaN led Heroic to EPL Season 13's trophy after an spectacular performance; can he repeat his feats in DH Spring 21?
cadiaN led Heroic to EPL Season 13’s trophy after an spectacular performance

After IEM Katowice 2021, Gambit seemed to be very comfortable against pretty much every team in the world. The CIS squad had shown that their in-game style could dynamically adapt and give every captain a headache.

The team went on to win Pinnacle Cup 2021 in early March, and had reached the grand-finals of EPL Season 13. However, there, Heroic surprised the CIS powerhouse, and ended taking up the trophy, plus $200,000.

Gambit and Heroic had a rematch in BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, were Gambit ended with the upper-hand. So, it’s clear that there’s a rivalry starting between these two squads.

While both cadiaN’s and nafany will be studying each other tactics as their team’s captains, fans couldn’t get more hyped. These two teams have been giving us incredible games, and the rivalry is just heating up.

Gambit is playing on group A of DHM Spring 21, while Heroic is a group B team. This means that if these teams encounter, it will be a playoff elimination game with high-stakes. Definitely something to look forward.

Vitality brings a new player for the Spring season

Kyojin is Vitality's new player; what he will bring to DreamHack Masters Spring 2021?
Kyojin is Vitality’s new player; what he will bring to DreamHack Masters Spring 2021?

Earlier this month, Vitality announced that the team would be benching legendary player “RpK”. The 31-years-old Frenchmen played for the team for over two years before this decision.

In his place, Vitality is betting on the unproven, yet promising “Kyojin”. While Kyojin doesn’t have a long history of professional matches, he’s an interesting pick. The player shined during his brief time with Heretics.

However, there’s much that Vitality has to prove after so many disappointing results. The team still has “ZywOo” among its roster, and it’s clear that the team never found a consistent way to properly back up the star talent.

Coming to DH Masters Spring, Kyojin will have his work cut out for him. Stepping on the shoes of such a legendary player such as RpK is no easy task after all. Then, he is also supposed to be the key piece that will help Vitality bounce back.

Vitality is playing on group B of the competition, and their first match is set to be against Complexity.

FaZe, Mousesports and G2’s fight to become the become the best international team

Now playing for G2, NiKo has history with all three teams fighting for the spot of best international squad
Now playing for G2, NiKo has history with all three teams fighting for the spot of best international squad

There’s an interesting history between FaZe Clan, Mousesports and G2 Esports that’s not acknowledged by many. Besides G2’s star, “NiKo”, having played for both Mouz and FaZe, they also are the main teams hosting international rosters.

Mousesports has been in Counter-Strike the longest of the trio. Their international roster isn’t as powerful on paper as the other two, but at the same time, there’s few teams to play the underdog role as well as Mouz.

FaZe in the other hand has a very powerful roster in their hands. The organization invest heavily on proven players, and their objective is to be the absolute best. With Karrigan back, they finally have a leader with them. Now, it’s up to the squad to make the best out of it.

G2 has been the most successful team out of the three in recent times. Still, it’s clear that the team is far from their ceiling, and surprisingly, they don’t have many trophies to their name. DHM Spring 21 is the perfect opportunity to start changing this, though.

All three teams are on group A. Mousesports will face Natus Vincere on their opening match. FaZe will clash with Virtus.Pro, and G2 will be taking Spirit.

What’s going on with Astralis?

Magisk is rumored to be one of the players being benched from Astralis; will we be seeing him in DH Spring 21?
Magisk is rumored to be one of the players being benched from Astralis; will we be seeing him in DH Spring 21?

Finally, it’s time to discuss Astralis. The Danish team results haven’t been what fans came to expect of them, and this is clearly taking a toll on players themselves.

During this past week, the team and some players have teased roster changes, and while they might be underway, we still don’t know which Astralis will be coming to DH Spring 21.

Moreover, it’s becoming clear that a single roster change might not solve all of Astralis’ issues. The latest results points, as well as some other factors such as comments by players themselves points to internal struggles between the team.

In DH Spring 21, it’s hard to know what to expect from Astralis. They might indeed bring a new player to their roster, possibly “es3tag” based on rumors and teases, but one shouldn’t expect their results to turn around immediately.

Astralis will be playing on group B during DH Spring 21’s group stage. Their first match is set to be against Extra Salt.

How to keep up with CSGO?

There’s just too many storylines and changes happening all the time within the CSGO scene. So, to make sure you can keep up with everything, make sure to follow us! Also, visit our predictions page in order to make sure you have all the latest insight on upcoming matches.

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