Dota 2: The Bucharest Minor

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2019 is looking to be a pretty interesting year for the professional Dota scene. There were a lot of changes that were introduced in the game itself and most of the top teams went through some interesting roster changes.

Comming in as the second Minor of the 2018-2019 Pro Circuit and PGL’s first overall minor,  The Bucharest Minor will feature eight of the best teams in the world. They will be competing for the $300,000 prize pool as well as 500 DPC points needed for TI 9. After the changes to the Pro Circuit, mainly reducing the events, the DPC points are invaluable.

The event will be hosted at Bucharest, Romania, from 9 to 13 January, 2019. The winner of The Bucharest Minor qualifies to the Chongqing Major. This event is also a chance for the people who are into betting to try their luck. Be sure to check our predictions page on a daily basis, because our tipsters will be guiding you.


Like we mentioned, there will be eight teams in total, which qualified from the regional qualifiers. There are two teams from China and Europe, one from North America, South America, SEA and CIS. The teams will most likely be divided into two groups of four. The top two teams from each group will go to the Upper bracket, while the bottom two are heading to the Lower Bracket. The games will be Bo3 until the final, where it will be Bo5.

Participating Teams

• EU Qualifier – OG, Ninjas in Pyjamas

• NA Qualifier – Team Team

• SEA Qualifier – Boom.ID

• China Qualifier – Keen Gaming, EHOME

• SA Qualifier – Playmaker.Esports

• CIS Qualifier – Gambit Esports

As we can see, there is a wide variety of teams here. Some are very well known, while others are still trying to prove themselves on the big stage. This means that you could get some really nice odds in your favour if you decide to place your bet. However, we would advice you not to underestimate any team here, because everyone is capable of winning.

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Our Favourites


Of course the biggest favourite to win this event has to be OG. One of the most amazing TI champions did the impossible few months ago by winning the biggest event in Dota 2. Ever since that moment, they have gained the respect even of those who did not like them before that.
We have to take into account the fact that OG did a roster change literally few days ago. They have swapped Pajkatt for iLTW, who will be on a “trial” for this event. iLTW has played for the team before, so there should not be that many issues with the squad. Overall, we think that OG is the heavy favourite to win the event and if there is one team to place your bets on, this is the one.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

The second favourite to win the event also happens to be the second team from Europe. NiP has one really interesting roster, which is a combination of skills, experience and raw talent. Having the lead of the TI champion PPD, NiP definitely wants to be one of the top teams for this new Pro Circuit season. They surely have what it takes to do it on paper, but they need to start winning some events too. That’s why the Bucharest Minor is a prefect event to start their successful journey.

Keen Gaming

The third teams which is in our opinion is capable of winning this event is Keen Gaming. The Chinese team have shown many times now that they should not be underestimated at any point. Despite not being the best team in their region right now, the roster of Keen Gaming can put up a challenge to any of the other best teams in the world.
Make sure to follow their games closely, because they might turn out to be a pretty good betting option.

Final Thoughts

Being a ticket for the upcomming Chongqing Major, the Bucharest Minor is a very important event for the teams that want to go to TI. This means that the games are going to be merciless and exciting to watch. The event starts in just few days (9th of January), which means that you still have time to choose your favourite team.

What do you think about the event? Can OG reign supreme or are we going to witness a big surprise? Let us know in the comments down below.

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