Dota Summit 11 – What to expect?

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The first Minor of the year starts in just a couple of days from now. Eight of the best teams in the world will have to go toe to toe to determine which one will get the $300,000 prize pool and a slot for the MDL Chengdu Major that start a few days after.


Like we mentioned above, there will be eight teams in total and at least one from each region. They will be divided into two groups consisted of four teams each. As expected, the top two teams will advance to the Playoffs, whereas the bottom two will be liminated.

Every single series up to the Grand Final is going to be in a best-of-three.


We will take a look at some of the more notable teams that will be here.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

NiP is still trying to find their place after going through a massaive roster change. This happend after the teams’ abyssmal performance during TI 9, where they were the first team to be eliminated from the tournament.

Event though they have a very strong roster on paper, are still struggling to success. Hopefully, the Dota Summit 11 will allow them to finally flourish.

Quincy Crew

This NA powerhouse is in a very similar state to Ninjas in Pyjamas. They are a newly formed team that has some of the best players in the world right now. Despite that, they are sruggling to find wins, even in the none-DPC tournaments. This was confirmed at ESL ONE Hamburg 2019 where they got eliminated in the Group Stage.

Invictus Gaming

iG has always been considered as one of the most legendary Chinese Dota 2 organizations. However, ever since Ferrari_430 and his team won TI 2 seven years ago, iG has been trying to find the proper players that can hold their ground against the other top teams. 

After years of searching, it seems like they finally found them. Whether or not will the young squad live up to the expectations is still up in the air.


The Dota 2 Summit 11 starts in a couple of days. Be sure to watch all the series because it is definitely going to be wild.

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