Team Adroit managed to bring down Fnatic – ESL One Birmingham Online

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Today, we got to see the first day of ESL One Birmingham Online. Normally, this event was going to take place in the UK. However, due to the entire COVID-19 situation, ESL decided to host it online.

Unfortunately, since the different Dota 2 regions are really far away from each other, they will own have their own mini-event. Having said that, the SEA version started today and we got to see the first big surprise.

What happened?

Even though everyone expected Fnatic to win, they’ve lost. The SEA powerhouse has proved itself as one of the strongest teams in the region. In fact, they’ve recently pretty much demolished their biggest opponent – TNC, which was a clear sign that they are the best.

However, it seems like Team Adroid didn’t think so. Even though they were the underdogs, they managed to overcome their enemies. What’s even more impressive is that this happened after they’ve lost game one.

The first game of the series was completely one-sided. Fnatic got the lead early on and gave their enemies little to no chances. Despite the heavy loss, Team Adroit bounced back in game two really hard. In fact, they’ve had a massive lead at one point but neraly nearly let it slip away. Luckily,  they’ve seized the victoryt.

Having the needed motivation, Team Adroit went into game three with full confidence. As a result, they managed to beat their enemies and deliver the first big surprise in this event.

Stay tuned for more information from this amazing event.

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