Dota 2 7.25 Update Changes Draft Phase and Increases TP Scroll Price

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Valve released a new Dota 2 update, the 7.25 update that brings significant changes to several heroes, neutral items and the pick-ban phase. 

The 7.25 update also adds Aghanim Scepter upgrades for the latest hero releases, Snapfire and Void Spirit. Here’s a quick rundown of the changes that will shape the upcoming metagame. 

What Are the Changes to All Pick Game Mode?


The 7.25 update changes the pick and ban phase for the All Pick game mode in Dota 2. Previously the order of picking in ranked matches favored the team that had the last pick. The player with the last pick could choose a hero that countered all opponents and gave him a significant laning phase advantage. 

All Pick hero picking has been reworked. It now has 5 rounds, each round Radiant and Dire pick 1 hero each at the same time and the selections each team makes is hidden until the next round. If a duplicate pick occurs, the player who picked it second will be given some extra time to select another hero. 

The new matchmaking feature will require one player from either team to pick their hero choices at the same time. The new pick ban phase will now feature ‘Rounds’ and each round requires one pick from either team. Teams cannot see their opponents’ picks until and unless both teams have picked their chosen heroes. 

Once both players have chosen their heroes for Round 1, two new players will have to pick their heroes in Round 2. The new system has a balance to it, and players cannot easily counter their opponents in the new system. 


7.25 also brings changes to how bans work in All pick mode. While traditional 50% ban rates are still prevalent in Dota 2, the system will also choose and ban heroes that have the highest ban rate at the respective skill bracket. 

Reworked how hero banning works in All Pick. Previously half of the voted heroes would get banned. Now each ban has a 50% chance of succeeding. If there are less than 10 heroes banned, heroes will automatically roll for banning based on their ban rate at your MMR bracket.

So there will be at least ten banned heroes in every game, even if players who have not nominated enough heroes. 

The Captains Mode will also see changes to its draft phase, and professional players will now have 4 bans in the first phase. The second and third phase bans allow teams just one ban in each phase. 

Changes To Power Runes

  • Power Runes initially spawn at 4 minutes now (subsequent spawns are still every 2 minutes)
  • Power Runes no longer spawn on both sides of the map at 40 minutes.

Runes no longer spawn at the 2:00 mark, so the dependence on runes in the early game is very less. Power runes will also no longer spawn after 40 minutes, so the chances of two powerful runes spawning at the same time are highly unlikely.

Biggest Changes to Neutral Items in 7.25

The Trusty Shovel

With the increase in the price of the town portal scroll (its price has increased from 50 to 90), the Trusty Shovel is suddenly one of the best Tier 1 item for support players. Even cores can find great value using the Trusty Shovel. 

Philosopher’s Stone

Valve removed all GPM talents in an earlier update. The removal of GPM talents hurt support heroes the most, as most of these heroes had GPM talents that helped them get essential items. 

The Philosopher’s stone now grants +70gold income instead of +60 when equipped. It is a small change, but the extra income can provide a significant economic boost in the long run. 

Spider Legs

The popular Spider legs were already one of the most impactful items in-game. Spider Legs allow free pathing on use, and found great use in professional matches, allowing cores to have the extra mobility. 

  • Turn rate increased from +30% to +50%.
  • Passive movement speed increased from 24% to 28%.

In the 7.25 update, Spider legs have received even more buffs. A 20% increase in the turn rate allows users to get away from tricky situations. The passive movement speed will also see a 4% increase highlighting the usefulness of this neutral item. 

What Are the Biggest Changes To Items in The 7.25 Dota 2 Update?

Town Portal Scroll

The Town Portal Scroll has seen several changes to its price over the years. It started off costing a massive 500 gold and now is back to 90 gold. Image Credit: Wykhrm

The town portal scroll is one of the most used items in Dota 2. Every hero needs the town portal scroll to move across the map, help teammates on other lanes or to get out of sticky situations. 

The town portal scroll has seen price changes over the years, but this change has to be one of its steepest price hikes. An 80% increase in the item’s price will confuse Dota 2 players who might find them in sticky situations and short on gold. 

Boots of Travel

  • No longer has an active.
  • Upgrades Town Portal Scroll while equipped. Reduces its cooldown to 40 seconds, allows it to target units, and does not consume a charge on usage.
  • Movement speed increased from 32/35% to 38/44%.

Boots of travel no longer has an active ability and requires a town portal scroll while equipped. It does not consume a charge on usage, but players can no longer use the double TP feature to push out lanes quickly. 

In the previous patch, Dota 2 players could TP to their base to fend off any big push. They could then use their boots of travels to join the rest of the team and continue a team fight on another part of the map. 

The new update will no longer allow such shenanigans and moving across the map remains the sole prerogative of heroes like Tinker, Nature’s Prophet and Spirit Breaker. 


The often-overlooked clarity potion has received a small but significant upgrade. While the clarity still provides the same amount of mana regeneration in the new update, it is more efficient in doing so. 

Previously, the clarity’s duration would extend to 50 seconds. Valve has now reduced this price down to 30 seconds, allowing Dota 2 players more time to return to the lane. The clarity is suddenly a better option compared to the Mango, which should be used only in case of emergencies. 

We will analyze the biggest changes to heroes in the 7.25 update in another article. Meanwhile, you can check out the 7.25 patch notes here

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