Dota’s Sunrise Cup – UNiVeRse to replace Sneyking

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Sunrise Cup

Coming just few days after one of the most iconic eSports events – The International, Sunrise cup is a minor Dota online tournament which will feature eight directly invited CIS and European teams. The prize pool will be $5,000 and will be running from the 30th of August to 12th of September.

The most interesting part is that the event is being sponsored by a hotel from Ukraine. Their plans and ambitions are to host a LAN event in their hotel at some point in the future.

We can safely say that this is something that has never been seen before, but this just proves how powerful eSports can be even in terms marketing.

Tournament Format

The eight invited teams will split into two groups of four. All the games will be played in a Bo3 format and each map will add one point to the teams. The top two from each group will advance to the Upper bracket while the bottom two will go to the Lower Bracket.

After that, the games will be played in a double elimination format and all the games up to the Grand Final will be played in a Bo3, where as the final itself will be a Bo5.

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UNiVeRse to replace Sneyking


The first team to make a roster change just literally days after TI 8 is VGJ.Storm. The NA powerhouse demolished their opponents in the group stage but failed to do so later on, which ultimately led to their ticket home. Now they have decided to swap Sneakying for one of the best NA offlaners – UNiVeRse.

We can’t really say that this comes a surprise, considering how Fnatic performed in TI 8. The SEA team was one of the “hidden” favorites to win the event and they played pretty well in the Group Stage, despite not getting that Upper bracket spot. However, they crumbled in their very first game in the Lower Bracket against Team Serenity, which meant a 13-16th finish.

Current roster

Beside the player change, VGJ.Storm have also added Aui_2000 as their coach, who will most likely provide them with better tactics and overall srategies. We are yet to see how will their roster turn out. However, having two TI winners in your team (Universe and Aui) should definitely be more beneficial for them.

Do you think that this change is good?

What do you think about the new roster? Can VGJ.Storm compete with EG for the best NA team? Let us know in the comments below.

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