Dreamhack Dallas 2019: Back to the Trusted Double Elimination BO3 Format

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Dreamhack returns in 2019 with their next stop in the CS: GO circuit with Dreamhack Dallas 2019. The event will commence on the 28th of May and continue for a period of six days ending on the 2nd of June 2019. It will take place at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center with a total prize pool of $250,000. There will be sixteen teams in attendance at Dreamhack Dallas 2019 and this includes some of the top teams in Counter-Strike.




The Group Stage will take place from May 28th – May 30th, 2019. It features a double elimination format with each group having eight teams. The initial matches are all Best of One matches and the following matches will be Best of Three matches.

The top three teams from each group advance to the playoffs. This sets the number of teams in the playoffs to six teams. The winners of the Group stage will receive a direct confirmation in the semifinal berth. The remaining four teams will compete in the quarterfinals. All the matches in the Playoffs are Best of Three matches, ensuring a fair and even competition amongst the teams.

In this article, we will keep an eye on a few teams which have the potential to win the entire event. Some of them have undergone roster changes, while others are still trying to figure out their optimal gameplan.

Faze Clan


Faze Clan recently added NEO to their CS: GO roster. The decision to add NEO to their team came after months of poor results. The team has been undergoing multiple changes to their roster with Karrigan leaving the roster in 2018, AdreN joining in January 2019. With NEO, they have a new In-Game Leader, one whose style is suited to the Faze Clan players playstyle. The overall playstyle for Faze remains very similar to the former Virtus Pro roster under NEO’s guidance.

NEO brings a lot of experience and respect within the team. The other players know about his achievements and they definitely feel that he can put forth a very strong and able leadership from the front. NEO is more of a supportive player and that fits well with the Faze playstyle. However, this remains one of their earliest events in CS: GO together as a team, Since the team is travelling a lot and NEO and YNK do not have much time to practice together, this team will be under a lot of pressure adjusting to the new playstyle.

An image of NEO playing a match on his computer
NEO will be working with YNK in developing strategies unique to Faze Clan

Regardless of their current performance, Faze CLan remains a team that cannot be taken lightly. The sheer talent on the roster and their exceptionally high skill ceiling will ensure that they can be the surprise pick of the tournament. Faze Clan still needs a bit of time to adjust to the new In-Game Leader and his strategy. However, since NEO does not have a very strategy-focussed leadership role, Faze members will find it easier to adjust to his game.

Faze will always be the dark horse in any tournament that they are a participant in. This tournament will provide a glimpse into the potential of the current Faze Clan roster.

Ninjas in Pyjamas


Get_Right , F0rest and Lekro at a LAN event
The Ninjas in Pyjamas tri of Lekro, Get_Right and F0rest are the pillars of the NIP Firepower


Ninjas in Pyjamas is a fan favourite, however, their ranking has slipped a lot since their peak ranking. The Swedish team did secure the third place at the Blast Pro Series: Madrid, but the importance of these Blast Pro tournaments are not the same as other premier events.

Preceding the Blast Pro Series: Madrid, the team has not had a decent finish in their past few tournaments. They were mostly out in the Group stages of most of the tournaments in attendance.

We don’t expect NIP to go very deep in this tournament. They have had troubles playing against better teams and are very inconsistent in their results. The win probability for the team increases significantly whenever the veterans ( Get_right and F0rest) start putting up good numbers. The two are crucial to the firepower on NIP’s lineup. If they are having a bad day, rest assured, the NIP lineup fails to fire and can suffer a meek loss.

Regardless of their performance in recent months, NIP should still be a team to make it to the Playoffs. They would be quite happy with a Top 4 finish if possible, but it looks extremely shaky for the Swedes beyond the Semifinals.

Vitality Gaming


Team Vitality lifting the trophy
Vitality needs to step up their overall team performance and not just rely on Zywoo. Image Courtesy: Dreamhack

Vitality Gaming is slowly making inroads into the Tier one scene with some amazing upsets. They are playing at the cs_Summit 4 and were undefeated in the Group stage. While being undefeated in itself is an impressive feat, it is their decimation of teams such as Team Liquid which makes them a contender for causing upsets.

Vitality Gaming’s USP remains Zywoo. The youngster who is quite shy on camera has provided us with some amazing clips in-game and is the reason why Vitality can stand up to the best teams. He has The 18-year-old player has a K/D ratio of 1.41 and is not afraid to take aggressive peeks in order to secure an early advantage for his team. His unique playstyle coupled with his impressive aim often grants Vitality the advantage early in the round.

Zywoo has been the revelation in 2019. Image Credit: Dreamhack

Vitality still lacks the experience on a wider scale but they are very strong on their comfort picks. Their best maps include Dust2, Overpass, Nuke and Inferno. While they are a decent team on Mirage, their results speak otherwise. Regardless it is a map that the French roster is comfortable on and have a lot of practice time on the map.

Vitality’s improvements see them proceeding further in this tournament than ever before. They have already qualified for the semifinals at cs_summit at the time of writing this article and might just move on to the finals if they win their match against ENCE. Dreamhack Dallas will be a true test for the Vitality roster as they will have to play Best of Three matches to qualify for the playoffs.



Flusha and Team Fnatic BW Picture
Fnatic had a great run at IEM Sydney 2019. Image Credit: ESL

The Fnatic team has had two amazing placements in the past few months when they reached the Grand Finals. While Fnatic lost to Na’Vi in the finals of Starseries & I-League Season 7, they lost to Team Liquid in the Grand Finals of IEM Sydney 2019.

Fnatic’s team composition is somewhat similar to that of NIP. They have young blood, but they also rely heavily on the veterans in the roster. The team brought in Twist and Brollan from Red reserve in October last year. The duo has adjusted really well to the entire Fnatic team composition and has now started producing results.

Fnatic is now ranked the fifth best team in the world and most of it has been the result of improvements in the past few months. Their Rank graph clearly showcases their improvement and how the team is now finding its footing in the larger scene.

If Fnatic manages a good placement at Dreamhack Dallas, they will definitely be a team to watch out for. With some exceptionally strong teams such as Team liquid, ENCE in participation at Dreamhack Dallas, Fnatic will have their task cut out for them.

Team Liquid


Team Liquid File Picture.
Team Liquid is the favourite to win Dreamhack Dallas 2019. Image Credit:ESL


Team Liquid is by far the favourites for this tournament. With no Astralis, it is safe to call Team Liquid as the favourites for the event. However, Team Liquid does not feel like a team capable of dominating the entire scene on their own. The North American team has a lot of firepower on their roster, but their inability to win events when it matters is a crucial concern for their fans.

Their victory at IEM Sydney 2019 came with an asterisk; Astralis absence from the event was a huge factor in reducing the importance of that victory. Regardless of some of their shortcomings, Team Liquid remains the best contender to win the entire tournament. They have the firepower and they have found the synergy amongst the members, the coach and the In-Game Leader.

It would be a huge surprise to see Team Liquid finish anywhere other than the top two teams in the event.



ENCE Players at a press conference
A lot of eyes will be on the Finnish boys’ performance at this tournament. Image Credit: Blast Pro Series

The Finnish roster of ENCE was in the Grand finals of the CS: GO Major. However, post their performance at the Major, the team did have a lull in results. They were a team that could contend with Astralis and especially after their victory against Astralis on Nuke ( where they ended Astralis win-streak on Nuke), many thought ENCE could be the team to start a new era.

But the same has not happened and ENCE has been the example of inconsistent results. Regardless of their inconsistency, the team only has had to play in a few Best of One matches ( thanks to the Blast Pro Series).

The Finnish team is notable for the fairly even spread of the frags and deaths across the board. ENCE remains a team that has gelled really well over the past few months. The regular Youtube Videos on ENCE’s Youtube channel describe the environment within the team. They are always looking to create a synergy and comfort level with each other. AleksiB takes a lot of credit for the same as he has shown a level of maturity and gameplay worthy of a true leader.

ENCE will want to reach the Grand finals at this tournament. With no Astralis ENCE should have a relatively fair match-up and if they perform well should easily reach the Grand finals.

Dreamhack Dallas: A Break from the Blast pro Series Format


For much of the Post-Major period, the scene has been dominated by a few Blast Pro series events. With the cs_summit 4 tournament currently underway, the type of events is definitely more casual and does not evoke the same sense of competition amongst the teams.

Dreamhack Dallas will be a true test for many teams. The number of teams with changes to their roster or their playstyle is definitely high. With Astralis skipping this event ( yet another event where the Danes will be absent), it will be interesting to see the battle between the next teams.

Dreamhack Dallas will start on the 28th of May 2019. The winner of the event secures the lion’s share of the $250,000 prize purse. You can catch all the action live on Twitch here.

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