G2 are the favourites going into Dreamhack Open Valencia 2018

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We explore the notion that G2 are the favourites going into DreamHack Open Valencia 2018, which is due to start from Wednesday, July 18.


The newly assembled G2 lineup has had skeptics from the day the roster was announced. But, ESL One Cologne 2018 pushed many to explore the thought of the lineup actually being successful in the long run. G2 did bow out of the competition in what was a total humiliation on Dust2 from crowd favourites BIG in the Quarter-Finals.

But, the 2-0 defeat to BIG does not take away from what was a monumental improvement in G2’s play. The French stack successfully managed to mount a comeback on Inferno in the opener against Natus Vincere. G2’s T side looked balanced and scary as they recorded a 16-14 win, with SmithZz leading the way.

A player that many had doubted could actually become a worthy contributor within the squad continuously punched up. SmithZz out-duelled s1mple and ensured G2 set up a date with mousesports.

The mousesports game was never going to an easy affair, with the addition of Snax increasing the firepower of the European stack. The Bo3 though, whittled down to being a kennyS show. kennyS was outrageous with the AWP. The French awper ended the series with a +29 K-D to seal a place in the playoffs.

They put up a fight against Astralis and BIG on the first map in each case before bowing down easily in the second. There were only positives to take away from ESL One Cologne 2018 for G2.

Make some room, the kennyS of 2014 is back! (Picture Courtesy - HLTV)
Make some room, the kennyS of 2014 is back! (Picture Courtesy – HLTV)

Ex6tenZ had many impact rounds, showing he can be handy on the server as well. SmithZz has shown he can step up and add the firepower that is needed. bodyy has been a reliable customer. But, there is just something about kennyS whenever he gets to play under the leadership of the Belgian mastermind.

shox does not seem too affected by his surgery and is sure to get better as the days pass by. All in all, G2 seemed to be slowly recovering their fear factor.

G2 and their potential to win Dreamhack Open Valencia 2018

To start, G2 are up against Luminosity in a Bo1. While the Brazilian have not been on point lately, the bo1 means they do pose a threat. Luminosity have recently added Hen1 and Lucas1 to their lineup. G2 will have to be wary of a potential upset but are likely to get past the Brazilians in what could be a tightly contested affair.

Should they come out on top, they will face the winner from Virtus Pro and Fragsters. The Polish giants are here with a stand-in in morelz and are unlikely to be much of a threat to G2. Fragsters on the other hand, have had a disappointing EU Minor closed qualifier and are likely to be still reeling from it.

G2 are set to ensure a safe passage to the semi-finals. They will meet one of AGO, North and Heroic, judging by the quality of Group A. North are at Valencia trying out mixwell in place of mertz. This will have an affect on their communication, which should restrict their chances against G2.

Will the mixwell gamble pay off for North? (Picture Courtesy – HLTV)

Heroic have also recently undergone a change, with Rubino making way for Acilion. They will not have communication issues but are likely to not hit it off immediately in terms of chemistry.

AGO are seemingly the biggest threat to G2 in Valencia. Should the Polish stack not end up winning Group A, they will get matched with the French giants. AGO are expected to be one of the teams to watch in Valencia. But, like Fragsters, they too come in with a poor performance at the EU Minor closed qualifier.

Their inability to claim a spot at the EU Minor will still be on the back of their minds and could affect their gameplay. Also, G2’s stack is more experienced compared to AGO in terms of handling the stage and crunch situations. Experience should help them reach the finals.

In Valencia, there is no team that G2 cannot beat, unlike ESL One Cologne 2018. Even in Cologne, the French stack were not expected to go past Natus Vincere and mousesports. But, they prevailed, which gives hope of a G2 renaissance.

G2 can land the first trophy with their new lineup in Valencia. It is likely their last real chance at winning a LAN event before the FACEIT Major 2018, which is to be held in September.

Should shox & co. be able to channel their form from ESL One Cologne 2018, the Dreamhack Open Valencia title will be theirs to lose.

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