DreamLeague Season 11 Major – Day 5

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The fifth day of the Stockholm Major (a.k.a DreamLeague) came to an end. As expected, J.Storm and Team Secret came on top in their games.

Mineski vs J.Storm

The first series of the day was between the SEA team and the North American squad.  Before this, J.Storm have finished last in their group and had to fight for their survival in the deadly best-of-ones in the Lower Bracket. Luckily, they were able to win against Na’Vi. On the other hand, Mineski ended up in the Upper Bracket after the group stage. However, they were pretty much annihilated by the Chinese powerhouse PSG.LGD, which forced them in the lower bracket.

The first game of the series, J.Storm were victorious in a very back-and-forth game that was nearly 54 minutes long. One of the main reason for their success what David’Moo’Hull’s Naix who just ripped through Mineski’s lineup. Despite having Morphling on their side, it was still not enough to counter the have damage output but J.storm.

With their backs against the wall, Mineski had to do something if they wanted to stay in the Major. Sadly, this did not happen. They decided to pick Clinkz, a hero that rarely sees the light of day nowadays. Even though they definitely learned their lesson and banned Naix, Mineski was still unable to keep up and counter the pace from J.storm who were super aggressive.

There was a glimmer of hope after a successful high ground defend which resulted in a lane of rax for the SEA squad. Despite that, they did not have the needed resources to finish off their enemies.

After the 2-0, J.Storm advances further in the Major. Their next opponent will be Team Secret, who eliminated Infamous.

Team Secret vs Infamous

The second game of the day was between the Chongqing Major and arguably the strongest team in the world right now Team Secret and the South American sensation – Infamous.

Even though Team Secret’s winning streak came to an end after yesterday’s loss against Vici Gaming, they are back on track again. Infamous had a somewhat good start in game one as they were able to get a few kills. However, MidOne’s Chaos Knight had the time of his life and was able to get a fast HoT. After he snowballed out of control, the European powerhouse needed just 24 minutes to finish off their enemies.

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There was nothing that could be done by Infamous in the next game either as Secret put their foot on the gas and took off right from the start. By 15 minutes there was a huge 15k net worth lead and a few moments later Secret were on the high ground.

Being just one game from elimination, Infamous gave it all out but it was still not enough. Team Secret were able to get a second win and this time it was even faster than game one. The Chongqing Major champions advance further in the event, which is definitely bad news for all the other top teams left.


Tomorrow the action continues with another two games. Evil Geniuses will face Ninjas in Pyjamas (probably one of the most interesting games of the entire event) and Virtus.Pro will fight Chaos Esports Club.  Be sure to check our predictions page for some tips that will definitely help you with betting.

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