The main developments from ECS Season 7 Finals

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The Summer player-break for CSGO teams is on the horizon, and players are looking forward to it. However, before it, every squad in the scene is putting their best to finish this semester in a high note.

During ECS Season VII Finals, we watched two events that will set the pace of the scene for the next months. Moreover, there was plenty developments happening in the $500.000 LAN event. Thus, is time to look into what happened there.

MiBR fails to impress

It’s no surprise that calling MiBR results ‘mixed’ might be an understatement at this point. After all, this team has every element they need to make a repeat of their many successful runs. However, things aren’t clicking with them for some reason.

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In ECS S7 Finals, we saw a sum up of MiBR issues. Coldzera isn’t performing like the godlike player he once was. He still is very capable, yes, but can’t carry his team to the victory anymore. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

MiBR biggest issue is that they have a player that don’t have a proper role. ‘Felps’, who once was kicked from the team because of his role clashes with fer, hasn’t been of much help for MiBR.

To make things worse. Felps is not performing very well. Averaging a 1.01 rating in LAN events according to HLTV system while not being an in-game leader is not desired.

After all, ENCE, Liquid and Astralis all have five players with high fragging capabilities. They are defining the meta right now, and MiBR is not following.

So, what’s in the store for MiBR? The Brazilians will probably sit down for this next week and talk. The Major is coming up, and if they not find a solution for felps, roster changes will be on their way.

A surprise from North

North impressed fans back in DreamHack Masters Dallas by posing a threat to teams like Vitality just after swapping their in-game leader. In ECS Season 7, fans expected to see a decent showing from the team against MiBR, but not much more.

What Valde’s squad brought, however, was a top 4 placing in the end. During the group phase, North had extremely good CT-sides. That happened, of course, thanks to ‘Kjaerbye’, ‘JUGi’ and ‘Gade’, as Valde said in an interview:

“[…] I just think he [JUGi] is just a really good AWPer and I think the reason we’re having these good CT sides is because our skill ceiling and firepower have been upgraded a lot, compared to some of our previous lineups.”

Unfortunately for the Danish squad, FURIA was too much for them in the semi-finals. In a very disputed map two, FURIA ended being the best team and sent them home. Still, North against reignites the premise fans once saw in this squad.

However, North’s problems cannot be ignored. As Valde also acknowledged, his team is struggling in T-sides. More importantly, can Valde help ‘aizy’ return to his form, that we saw this same time last year?

Overall, if North doesn’t stagnate, like it did in previous summers, future is bright for them. Analysts and fans have learned to be cautiously optimistic around them, though.

The final nail in the coffin of Astralis’ era

Earlier last week, HLTV Rankings saw Astralis leave the first place in the rankings after a year. With Liquid replacing them, and ENCE getting close to reach the Danes in 2nd, their era was close to an end.

However, it was in ECS that we saw Astralis’ era dismissal. The Danish squad started the tournament with a loss to FURIA. The Brazilians surprised them, but fans weren’t convinced yet. Following up in the lower bracket, Astralis dominated NiP.

With FURIA losing to NRG in the high bracket, a rematch was set. What this also meant is that Astralis had a chance to prove that their initial loss was nothing but a fluke.

Instead, FURIA played a high level of Counter-Strike that Astralis had no answer for. The Danes started well the BO3 by winning Inferno. Once the second match, Mirage, started, FURIA shown a structured, but aggressive style that took Astralis down.

The final map them was Nuke. Astralis had a streak of 31 wins in Nuke earlier this year. FURIA in the other hand, already won against Astralis in their opening match. This time around, Astralis didn’t even pose as much of a challenge to the Brazilians.

Sent home without even reaching playoffs marked the final nail for Astralis’ era. In coming weeks, Astralis will play at EPL S9 Finals and ESL Cologne. They will be facing the likes of Liquid and ENCE in those events – not as the dominant force, as a contender.

It’s important to notice, that Astralis had a major issue this tournament. Magisk, one of Astralis stars, wasn’t in the best of health. As the player himself said, he had to excuse himself from the signings. His performances were definitely below the usual.

FURIA enters the game

In the past four years of Counter-Strike, the Brazilian teams that reached the top always had a mix of known players. FNX, FalleN, fer, boltz, stell, LUCAS1, HEN1 were the ones behind success for Brazilian teams.

FURIA, however, changes this. Without a single player with experience in a world-class level, FURIA has been rising quicker than anyone expected. It all started in December last year, when MiBR set their attention to KSCERATO, FURIA’s star.

The deal failed through, and FURIA kept their roster intact. Fortunately, their rocket rise started not much after it. First, they qualified for the Major. FURIA was the first Brazilian team without one of the previously mentioned players to do so.

To follow up, FURIA qualified for ECS Season 7 and ESEA MDL Season 30. The Brazilians grabbed a spot in the Finals for ECS, and won ESEA MDL Season 30. Continuing on, they won DreamHack Open Rio 2019, and are the top team in ESEA MDL S31 America.

And here’s where FURIA entered the tier 1 area. In Dallas, FURIA achieved a top 4 placing by beating NRG, FNATIC and Vitality. In London last week, they then beat Astralis and North to get to the finals.

FURIA future is very bright, but next week will be time to show what they have learned so far. FURIA will be taking part of the closed qualifier for the Americas Minor, for the upcoming StarLadder CSGO Major that will be occurring in late August.

There, Luminosity, Cloud9, TeamOne, NRG and eUnited will all be challengers that FURIA has to account for. Still, none of them are impossible for them, far from it even.

CSGO action won’t be stopping anytime soon

The number of events that are set in the horizon for CSGO viewers are abundant. With the Americas Minor closed qualifier next week and EPL S9 Finals soon after, there won’t be any stop to professional CSGO.

So, can FURIA keep their good streak against high tier teams? Will Astralis be able to get back their old form? Can North keep the good pace? What about MiBR, can they get back to the game without a roster change?

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