EE and Snekying join Infamous, Kuku’s ban situation

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Infamous roster change

The North and South American communities recently went through some drama. Just few days ago Team 123, which consists of four NA players and one Brazilian, got disqualified, despite claiming the first SA ticket to the Chongqing Major. Regardless,  the team announced that they will stick together and will play in the Bucharest Minor open qualifiers.

After disappointing results, EE and Sneyking, decided to join with the  South American team Infamous.

Despite the fact that the qualifiers for The Chongqing Major are now officially, the qualifiers for the Bucharest Minor are on the way. With little to no time to waste, EE and Snekying decided to make the change.

The NA qualifiers were disappointing for the two NA players. Their team could not make it to the Major after two consecutive 2:0 sweeps in the playoffs. With little to no time to waste, EE and Snekying decided to make the change.

Infamous was not able to progress in the group stage in the SA qualifiers and had to to make a big change for Bucharest Minor. We can only hope that the addition of EE and Snekying will help the team rise from the ashes.

In order to add the two NA players to their roster, Infamous had to part ways with Wisper and Scofield. With that,  EternaLnVy will be resuming to the carry position while Timado will be taking the mid role.


 Kuku’s ban drama

Despite the fact that the drama considering the bann of Kuku is now a week old, some of the most well-known people in Dota are still tweeting in defence of the SEA player.

Having all that negative feedback from the players and casters alike, we are yet to see what will be Valve’s responce. They have already issued an official statement, but as we can see, they might need to do that again.

If you wish to read more about the incident and make sure to read THIS article.

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