EHOME, Gambit Esports and Forward Gaming are going to the Minor

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Even though some of the regions are not finished yet, CIS and China already “elected” their representative for the upcoming OGA Dota Pit Minor which starts in just a few days from now.

China will have two teams that will play there. One of them is Royal Never Give Up and the other is EHOME. After recently adding Ferrari_430 to their roster, EHOME were able to navigate through the qualifiers. In their final series in the Lower Bracket, they faced Newbee. Despite being really close to qualifying for their frost DPC tournament this season, Sccc and Co. could not deal with EHOME’s aggression.

EHOME is definitely not in their best state right now after several players left the team. In fact, the only remaining player from the lineup that won the Bucharest Minor is Zhang”y”Yiping. Despite that, the addition of Ferrari should definitely give EHOME bigger chances of winning this Minor and getting the spot for the MDL Disneyland Paris Major, which starts just a few days after the Minor.

Gambit Esports


The CIS team is one of the most successful teams in terms of Minors for this DPC season. They have attended two Minors and got the Grand Finals in both of them. Sadly, they were unable to lift the trophy as they lost to two Chinese teams –  EHOME and Vici Gaming. FNG and his team-mates had to go through Natus Vincere and Old But Gold in order to get the spot for the Minor. The games were very interesting to watch especially the one against Illidan and his team.

If the saying “third time’s a charm” is true, Gambit should be able to finally win here and have a chance to prove themselves among the “big” names in the MDL Major.


Forward Gaming


NA seems to be one of the most controversial regions when it comes down to slots. That’s because some people believe that they are getting way too many slots considering the current state of the region. However, when it comes down this Minor, getting a single slot seemed to be the right choice and nobody has been complaining.

Of course, the battle was going to be between Forward Gaming and J.storm as they were miles ahead in comparison to the other Minor contenders. As expected, the two powerhouses met in the Grand Finals. Even though some people thought that we were going to see some epic games, the reality was different. Forward Gaming was able to rip through their enemies in around 30 minutes in both games. Sadly, the journey to MDL Disneyland Paris Major for Fear and his team-mates ends here.

One of the main reasons behind FG’s success in these qualifiers was Sumail’s brother. It seems like he adapting pretty well to the switch from mid to carry. This is a pretty common thing nowadays as we rarely see any core plays to strictly play one role.


What do you think about the upcoming Minor? Can we see some surprises or is Gambit going to finally get a trophy? Let us know in the comments down below. Also, be sure to check our predictions page for the best betting tips that will undoubtedly help you on your way to success. Here are our preferred bookmakers to bet on Dota.

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