EHOME is going to the LA Major

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As you know, the LA Major qualifiers started last week. After a couple of days of epic action, we finally know the names of all teams that will be going to this amazing event.

Despite the fact that all regions were ready days ago, that was not the case with China. The qualifiers for this region were delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

However, now that the situation is a little bit better, we finally know the names of all Chinese teams.

EHOME has done it!

The last team from this region that secured their invite is EHOME. The last challenege ahead of the legendary squad was none other than Team Aster. Even though they haven’t won anything yet, Aster is among the most promissing new teams in China.

Despite being the favorites though, Aster was unable to deal with EHOME’s Liu “Sylar” Jiajun. One of the strongest carry players in China has proven once again why he is loved by so many fans. 

Thanks to his incredible display of skills, he was able to carry his team to their first Major of the new DPC.

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