EPICENTER Major – Vici Gaming done it again

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EPICENTER was the last Major for this DPC season. What’s more, it was also the last hope for some teams to get to that direct TI invite. Some of them succeeded, others didn’t. Having said that, … is the team which is definitely the happiest following their success in the tournament. In fact, this was probably one of the most interesting Grand Final ever in any Major events so far.  Let’s see what happened.

Lower Bracket Final

The first show of the day was an amazing series the two of the strongest teams throughout this DPC season. Despite the fact that Virtus.Pro had the crowd on their side, Team Liquid still managed to prevail. In fact, they took the series relatively effortless, even though VP tried to pressure their enemies a couple of times.

Despite the loss, Virtus.Pro played very well in this tournament. This makes them one of the heavy favorites for the biggest event in Dota 2- The International. So, if you still have not decided which team is going to be worth placing your money on, VP might be your answer. What’s more, they are one of those teams which always explodes whenever it’s needed, so keep that in mind.


The Grand Final

This was one of the most interesting Grand Finals in any DPC event. We got to see tons of action, amazing plays and incredible decision making. However, at the end of the day, Vici gaming is the team which prevailed.


Game one


The first game of the series saw a very dominant performance from Team Liquid. The European powerhouse picked one of Miracle’s signature heroes – Anti-Mage and with little to no effort, he was able to carry his team to victory and give them the lead.


Game two and three


Unfortunately for Liquid, their happiness did not last long. The Chinese team was more than ready to fight and they ripped through their enemies in the second game. In fact, they pretty much didn’t allow Liquid to have any sort of openings in terms of fighting.

Nearly the same happened in the third game of the series. However, this time, Vici managed to pretty much outsmart their enemies by going into the late game. Team Liquid had more of a mid-game based line-up which had to play against the clock in they wanted to win. Unfortunately for them, Vici was more than prepared for what it is to come and after turtling for a bit, they were able to deliver their knock-out punch and got the lead in the series.

Game Four


The fourth game of this amazing series was everything we could want in a Grand Final. Vici Gaming yet again completely dominated their enemies since the very start. Slowly but steadily, the Chinese were looking like the new champions but then suddenly, everything changed.

Miracle had the highest net worth of any hero on the map. In fact, at one point, he had more net worth than his two other cores combined. This definitely made him the main target in every team fight. However, Arc Warden is not one of the easiest heroes to kill and Vici had to waste everything in order to get him in the last team fight. Surely, they managed to do but at the cost of wasting all buybacks. That said, this gave Miracle’s teammates enough time and they were able to kill Vici and just kill the throne.

This was one of the biggest comebacks in the history of Dota. Vici had over 45k net worth advantage just before they died.

Game Five


The Final game was yet again another stomp from the Chinese powerhouse – Vici Gaming. They were on top of their game yet again and gave their enemies no chances.



Vici gaming is definitely one of the best choices for the upcoming TI. Expect more details about the events and the teams soon.

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