The Registration for the Open Qualifiers for EPICENTER Major is now on

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Even though we still haven’t witnessed the Los Angeles Major, we already have information about the next one. As you probably know, the penultimate Major of this DPC is going to be EPICENTER. 

The tournament will take place in Moscow and it will feature some of the best teams in the world. They will have to collide for the jaw-dropping prize pool of $1,000,000, as well as DPC points. Since there will be only one more Major afterwards, EPICENTER will be extremely important for thogse teams that will be fighting for the direct TI invites.

The Open Qualifiers Registration

There is still aroung four weeks until we will see the first set of Open Qualifiers for this event. Despite that, you can now sign up for them and test your luck.

Keep it in mind that every single team who wants to play in these quals will have to do ti via FACEIT.  If you’re lucky enough to go to the Open Qualifiers, you have to prepare for a dealy set of Bo1 games. Then, if you survive them, you will have to play in a Bo3 grand final and then, in the Closed qualifiers.

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