ESL Clash of Nations’s final will be in Bangkok

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ESL has always been one of the biggest event organizers in Dota 2. Apart from the amazing ESL One tournament series, the organization also has another very promising set of tournaments called Clash of Nations. Having said that, they just announced that the final of this amazing series will take place in Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok.

Theis ESL’s tournament will be a part of the Thailand Gameshow 2019 and it will be a blast. Featuring all the best teams from the Asia-Pacific region, this event has it all. What’s more, this will also be a very good opportunity for you to try your betting luck. After all, there will be tons of matches which can all provide you with some amazing rewards, that is if you play your cards right.

The tournament

Six of the best teams from these regions will compete at the Royal Paragon Hall in Bangkok, Thailand. Apart from the ESL Clash of Nations Dota 2 trophy, there will also be a $50,000 USD prize pool. Even though the prize pool is nowhere as big compared to other ESL events, it is still a lot, considering the fact that that this is not a big tournament. In fact, this is one of the best ways to develop smaller regions in professional Dota. Sometimes, they just need a small boost in order to “explode” (look at Boom ID for example).


Each regions’ representative will be decided after four regional championships and a couple of other small tournaments. Having said that, the first four of them will be from the ESL Championship Season two competition, which took place in MYSG, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. All in all, this ESL tournament will definitely have some very interesting names in it.

If you have no idea which team has the biggest chance of winning, feel free to click on our predictions page. We do daily updates there on different interesting matches which can help you decide which team is the best choice to put your money on.


Like I mentioned above, this ESL tournament will be a part of the Thailand Game Show. Having said that, fans who attend the event will also be able to watch many cool stuff. For example, one of them is will be the biggest gaming exhibition in Southeast Asia. In addition to that, all matches will be streamed on YouTube in four different languages.

ESL Clash of Nations Bangkok 2019 will take place in October 2019.


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