ESL One Birmingham – Which team will prevail?

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Introduction and bets

One of the most interesting none DPC event this year is ESL One Birmingham. One of the main reasons are the fans who have been absolutely amazing. Yesterday, the group stage finished and we also got the chance to watch the first series of the Upper Bracket.

Our advice is to keep an eye on this event because it’s one of the best when it comes down to betting. There are many pretty good deals in terms of odds, which means that you just have to choose the team that you support the most. If you are having any troubles picking someone, don’t worry, we got you covered. Head out to our predictions page where you will find daily updates.

The Group Stage

Group A

Vici Gaming and TNC were the two teams that occupied the first two places in England. Many people expected Team Liquid to perform better but it seems like their crisis is still in progress.

The Chinese powerhouse is definitely having one of its strongest periods right now, which makes them a very lucrative option when it comes down to betting.  However, it’s important to note that they actually lost their first game in the Upper Bracket of the playoffs against LGD. This means that they will have to fight for their survival against the winner from Liquid vs Gambit.

Nearly the same applies to TNC. Despite their amazing Group Stage performance, the team suffered a lot against Evil Geniuses and dropped the series with a 2-1 score. Now they will have to defend themselves from elimination against the winner between Team Secret and OG. To be honest, this will actually be one of the most anticipated games in this tournament.

Group B


Evil Geniuses and PSG.LGD seemed miles away from the other in their performance. In fact, the NA team only lost one series in the entire event so far and it was against the Chinese. Now, both teams will have to play against each other again but this time the stake is way higher – a spot at the Grand Final. Even though this game might seem like a very good idea to bet on, our advice would be not to hurry because it’s definitely not the safest option out there.

Unfortunately, Keen Gaming and Alliance had to wave goodbye and pack their stuff home. They just could not deal with the competition in their group.


Today, three more teams will be going home from the Lower Bracket. Even though the EU powerhouse is not doing that good in this event, Team Secret is always one of the biggest favorites. That’s why if they manage to win against OG today, winning the entire event seems like a very possible situation.

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