ESL One Hamburg 2018 format, TI8 talent list revealed

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ESL One Hamburg

In May, ESL had announced their first post TI event, which will take place in October 23-28th in Hamburg Germany, after they organized some some of the most interesting events of the 2017-2018 DCP Season.

Similar to the first ESL One Hamburg, there were some complaints regarding the participating teams and the format that was being held. Some people even thought that it seems more like a Minor instead of a Major.
After a season of backlash, the tournament organizers decided to hear the community’s suggestions and complaints and  announced the new ESL One Hamburg 2018 —allowing more teams to participate, more matches to play and more days of Dota 2 to watch on the main stage.

Despite not being a part of the official 2018-2019 DPC Season, ESL One Hamburg is still an important event, because it is the first big one after TI. This means that the teams have the opportunity to refresh their ideas and start the season on a positive note.


The event will feature twelve teams that will be divided in two groups. The games will be played in a Round robin Bo2 games and the top teams from each group will advance to the Upper Bracket playoffs, while the bottom two teams will go to the Lower Bracket playoffs. The main event will be a double elimination bracket played in Bo3 until the final which will be Bo5.

TI8 talent list

As we all know, the casters, hosts, interviewers and so on are a vital part of every LAN tournament in every game. Dota 2 is surely not an exception here – some of the most notable analyzers, casters and hosts are always there for us to make it just a little bit more interesting.

For this year, Valve has decided not only to invite some of the most fan-favourite people, but they’ve also added some new faces to the crew.
There will be a total of six hosts for the event and Redeye, Machine, Chobra and Sheever will be among them. Sheever did not take part in last years event due to her medical condition. However, fortunately, now she is OK and we will be able to see her yet again on the big stage.

Like always, along side SirActionSlacks will be Kaci Aitchison. Their main job will be to entertain the people who attend the event as well as the viewers online. This duo proved to be working pretty good, thats why Valve decide to bet on them yet again for this year. SirActionSlacks is one of the most “colorful” people in the entire dota 2 world and he has many followers and haters alike.

There are some very well known names in the EN Broadcasting talent but my personal favorite has to be AdmiralBullDog. He is that type of a guy that you just can’t hate nor dislike. What’s more, he is a TI winner and a very good player, which is always vital for such a position.

Final Thoughts

TI 8 is just around the corner and people are getting more hyped every single day. All eyes are on the top teams right now and the question is which one will be named TI champion in just a few weeks time? Expect some upcoming reviews that will guide you in your betting success in event.

As if for ESL One Hamburg, what is your opinion? Do you think that the changes are better compared to last years? Let us know in the comments down below.

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