ESL One Mumbai – The Group Stage Is Over

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After two days of exciting Dota 2 games, the Group Stage at ESL One Mumbai is over. We saw some amazing back-and-forth action in many games but in general, the results in most games were expected. Let’s take a look at what happened in both groups.

Group A

Team Team

The big winner here is EternalEnvy and his Team Team. They were invited at the last moment by the organizers in order to replace one of the five teams that had to withdraw from the tournament.

Their Opening series was against Na’Vi and it was everything that a fan could want. Two very long games that had a lot of split pushes, base race, buybacks and much more. In the first game of the series, Team Team relied mainly on their mid Ember Spirit who completely ripped through Na’Vi. The interesting thing here was the fact that Gunnar decided to play with the right-clicking build instead of the more utility based Ember build.

Game two of the series was full with insane stuff as well. In fact, the game was over 75 minutes long. There were many questionable plays from both teams but definitely, the more notable ones were on the side of Team Team. EE, for example,  used his buyback nearly instantly every time he died. In the end, Na’Vi were unable to grab the lead and lost the series.

The second challenge ahead of Team Team was the SEA team TNC. Many people expected Kuku and Co. to walk through their enemies but the reality was completely different. EE and his team-mates were able to take both games in under 30 minutes, which was a clear sign that they are here to win.

The Rest

Na’Vi is the second team that is going to the Upper Bracket. After the loss against Team Team, they were able to win against compLexity and TNC in a row, which gave them the needed advantage.

Complexity had a lot of logistic problems for this event – they had a delayed flight which resulted in around 50 hours trip. In their first game, they got taken down by TNC Predator.  Even though they’ve shown better performance in the second series, their efforts were just not enough and they went to the Lower Bracket.

Group B

Like many people expected, Keen Gaming completely ripped through their opponents in Group B. In their first series, the Chinese went head to head with the local Indian powerhouse. However, it seems like the Indian Dota 2 scene is nowhere as good as in other parts of the world. Keen Gaming needed just 40 minutes in total to win both games.

The second challenge for them was Mineski.  Even though this series was definitely harder compared to the first one, Keen Gaming were still able to take victory in both games. They are definitely one of the best betting options right now, so if you still wonder who is your favorite, look no further.


The second team to advance to the Upper Bracket is Mineski. They started this tournament with a win against The Pango, followed by a loss to Keen Gaming. This meant only one thing – Mineski had to win their decided match if they wanted to go to the Upper Bracket.

This series was everything that we hoped for. After an epic game one that went in favor of Mineski, The Pango were able to tie the score by securing themselves game two. Despite that, game three was completely onesided. Mineski were able to win all three lanes and just used their advantage to close out the game. The next challenge ahead of them will be the NA sensation – Team Team.

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