ESL partners with Dotabuff to launch ESL Academy

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ESL has partnered with Dotabuff to launch ESL Academy, a path to pro for aspiring Dota 2 professionals. 

Players can qualify for ESL Academy by playing on Dotabuff’s Reach platform. The best players will receive training from professional coaches at DHL sponsored bootcamp events culminating in a LAN tournament at an ESL One event. 

What is ESL Academy?

Players from North America and Europe can sign up to ESL Academy on Dotbuff’s Reach platform. The players compete in matches on this platform from November 2019 to January 2020. 

Following the play-in period, four former Dota 2 professionals will draft from the Top 40 in the Reach Leaderboards. Each region will feature two teams of five players each. 

These players will undergo online and DHL-sponsored offline training camps tuning their skills and improving their coordination. The teams will compete in LAN finals in March 2020 at an ESL One event. 

The ESL Academy is a way for amateur Dota 2 players to climb the leaderboards and a path to pro for upcoming players. Tournament organizations and teams can scout for young talent using the Reach platform. The Reach platform can open up opportunities for aspiring professional Dota 2 players. 

What’s new in is Dotabuff’s new matchmaking service that will serve as the platform for ESL Academy aspirants. The platform is still in beta and is already accepting players of High MMR. 

As a new matchmaking service for Dota 2, features some new and interesting features which can make it the go-to platform for high MMR players. 

  • Scheduled Play Sessions
  • Role-Based Strictly solo queue
  • Monthly Prize money of $20,000 (50% reserved for non-pros)

The official Dotabuff announcement showed us a glimpse into what Scheduled Play Sessions would look like. 

This is an innovative and important step ahead to ensure that high level MMR players get matches quickly. 

ESL and Dotabuff have partnered to announce $240,000 for Season 1 of ESL Academy. ESL has not revealed the details for the prize money distribution yet. 

Interested players can find out more about the Reach platform on the official announcement page here or signup on the website here.

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