ESL Exploring Options to Return to LAN Events With ESL Pro League Season 12

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ESL is exploring options to bring back the ESL Pro League Season 12 in a LAN setting, according to their website. ESL had to move many of its esports tournaments online due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Events like the IEM Katowice (played live without an audience), the ESL Pro League Season 11, ESL One Los Angeles took place online due to the social distancing norms enforced by local authorities. 

ESL Pro League Season will take place in September. The tournament organizer is closely monitoring global travel restrictions. If teams and players can travel freely in September, ESL will host an offline event. The twenty-four teams will be a part of four groups and compete in a round-robin format.

ESL Pro League Live Image
The ESL Pro League Season 12 features a $750,000 prize pool. Image Credit: Helena Kristiansson for ESL.

The tournament organizer has not counted out a situation where the travel restrictions continue. ESL is also ready to host the event in an online format. In such a case, the ESL Pro League will be divided into regional leagues with a distributed prize pool.

How Can Teams Qualify for the ESL Pro League Season 12?

Season 12 will feature twenty-four teams, including Renegades, Sharks and BOOM esports. These three teams missed Season 11 due to travel restrictions and ESL will allow them to keep their slots for Season 11.

The twenty-four CS:GO teams that will be a part of the ESL Pro League Season 12 are a part of the Louvre agreement. These teams signed the agreement, which allows for revenue sharing and creates a sustainable environment for the teams. 

ESL will host a special regional qualifier across five regions for teams in the Mountain Dew League. ESL reduced the number of participating teams in the ESL Pro League from forty-eight to twenty-four, resulting in an outcry from several lower-tier teams. 

The top two ESEA MDL teams will receive an invitation to the upcoming season of the ESL Pro League. The tournament will also feature six non-partner teams (two from Europe and one from each of the remaining regions). 

With the coronavirus pandemic affecting the entire esports industry, CS:GO has moved online. However, tournament organizers are always looking to get back to an offline format. With global restrictions slowly easing, there is a good possibility of the ESL Pro League Season 12 (September) to take place in an offline setting. 

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