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Esports has grown a lot in the last few years and a lot of money has been thrown in this very young industry. Since then, a lot of bookmakers began to add and develop esports betting markets to their existing sportsbooks. Within esports there is now a very wide range of betting offers, each with its own characteristics which we have outlined for you here.

Betting on esports depends a lot on the game you want to bet on. There are very different betting-systems depending on each game.

In this article we will take a look at the most popular titles within esports gaming world, such as:
League of Legends (known as: LoL), Defence of the Ancients 2 (known as: DotA 2), Counter Strike:Global Offensive (known as: CS:GO), Hearthstone, Heroes of Warcraft (known as: HS), Starcraft 2, Legacy of the Void (knwon as: SC2:LotV) and the list goes on…


Outright Bets

First, there are traditional bets, where you are simply wagering on the outcome of a match, no matter the score between the two competitors. What needs to be looked at here is the fact, that in most esports titles and formats there are no draws possible.

Matches are often played as a ‘Best-of-Series‘, most commonly known as bo1, bo3 and bo5, which means there are always only two different outcomes imaginable: Team A or Team B to win. This influences the odds offered by the bookies for the matches and this form is the most common as it applies to almost every tournament or event.

Multiple Bets

Another way to diversify bets of this kind is the possibility of creating multi-bets, which means you bet on at least two events and get offered a combined odd, but you only win, if all bets are placed right.
Handicap Bets

Most recently, bookmakers started to offer handicap-bets giving one of the competitors an advantage or disadvantage before the match starts. The odds will change depending on the teams and their skill set. To give you a simple example, the highly skilled team will start off with a minus handicap (minus points) whereas the oppentent will have points added before the game begins. So in effective, the highly skilled team need to play catch up.You can bet succesfully place a winning bet without knowing much about the game you are betting on.

Live Betting

Live Betting, mostly used in traditional sports like football which has only just been introduced in the esports market. Bets are placed on special events within a single match and differ heavily on the game you are betting on. To give a few examples, it is possible to bet on which team will take a specific round or which team will win a set amount of rounds – applying to CS:GO.
Whereas in LOL, this could be a bet on which player on any team gets the first kill in the match, also known as First Blood, or which team gets the First Dragon or Baron Slain.


Some of these bets can be placed before the match starts, while some can only be placed once the match has started. In these type of bets there are a numerous possible outcomes with reasonable odds therefore provided.

Live betting is exclusive to multiplayer-titles like LoL, CS:GO, HotS or DotA. This style is suited to bettors with deep knowledge of the game and scene, who have the the time to watch the games live.

In-game Betting

One of the biggest difference between traditional sports-betting is the rare opportunity for players to bet with in-game items or currency. Most popular title for this is CS:GO, where players can bet skins of their weapons on the outcome of the matches. Each skin has its own value in cash and winners will get the return, based on the odds, paid out in skins or items.

This is a very popular method amongst the esports gamers and community in CS:GO and DotA2.
This relatively new type of betting brings a lot of engagement between the community and the teams/players. Obviously, these bets are only fitting for players of the respective games, as it is currently difficult to trade items out for cash and they have no value at all if not used.

Betting on esports is fairly new and mordern so you’ll find bookmarkers offering bets with Fantasy Money to allow customers to understand the market. The easiest way to get started to build your gaming knowledge.

As shown there are a lot of different esports-betting markets growing rapidly and the bookmakers hshow no signs of spotting Check out which bookmaker is the best to bet on in our other blog-articles here.

Good luck on the adventure.

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