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Most people believe any kind of betting is rocket science. Well, we’ve here to tell you otherwise. This article focuses on the newest phenomenon to hit the betting world, Esports. It’s a known fact that bets have a 50/50 chance of winning, but within the esports gaming arena, there is always that element of surprise. There are roster changes weekly, patch/meta changes which teams have to adapt and so on, so it’s important not to just splash cash on games you have that just ”feel good” bets.

What kind of player are you?

Any better should ask themselves this question because some punters bet purely for entertainment and to make the games they follow more interesting and exciting. We all have friends who just bets for fun, $10 here, $20 there and they are the ones who usually end up disappointed.

However, if you’re serious about cashing in and making some real money, you have to look at and treat your wagers as investments. Your bankroll is like your company’s inventory and when you identify a good line in a game, you’ll spot a good opportunity to invest.

So how do cash in?
All players have the urge to take that big risk in search of a big payout and it is important to have rules about your bankroll and stick to them. It is equally important to think about your maximum bet size and total gambling budget. There is a proverb in Finnish ”jokainen pelaa niin kuin oma perse kestää”, which literally means translated word-to-word”everyone gambles as large as their own ass can handle”. So if you lose, you must handle it.

Choosing a sportsbook to bet with

There are so many different online sportsbooks to choose from, how do you know which one is for you? The most important thing to lookout for is the number of different variations the bookmaker offers on a particular game, for example on League of Legends – does the bookies offer betting markets like odds for towers destroyed, total dragons slain, first blood, first inhibitor, first tower and so on.

The second thing is the user interface, for most bettors it’s vital that the account balance is visible at all times, no matter what page you’re on. Do they provide you with a ”favorites” tool? This allows you to easily locate and target information you need quicker and easily. The interface must also be user-friendly, nobody wants to do business and put their money on a site that’s complicated to navigate and uneasy on the eyes.

The third and final thing definitely has to be the odds offered. Different sites offer different odds on games, and people who bet professionally search around these different sites to compare the odds to take advantage of the best odds on the market. One bookmaker could give odds of 1.90 while another 2.05 for the same match, which means you can more than double your stake if you pick the right site to bet with. It really does depend on how much effort the bookie puts into following changes leading up to the event (must like team news in football) and how quickly they are able to react.

Betting and betting systems

Betting on a single target is the easiest way to make and increase your profits. When the game has 50/50 odds of winning the outright betting market is your best option where you pick one of the two teams. You can also create a system betting slip, which accumulates many games making the multiplier higher.

A more complex situation may involve a number of bets and bet types as seen in image 1 below. What we have here is bets on five (5) games, sure the punter was hesitant and not feeling 100% confident with such high stakes. You’ll see they also selected the treble bet types system, why would you do this? It’s to cover yourself, if one bet goes wrong, you still get your money back and even if you luck out on two games, you can reclaim something. On picture 2 you can see the different variations that paid off.

Image 1
image 1 betting

Image 2
image 2 betting

Live betting

If you’re an active esports follower and been on the scene for a while, you may opt to bet during the live games (play-in betting) and with the No.1 live streaming channel, twitch you can witness every game and tournament direct. If you’re a gamer yourself of popular titles such as League of Legends, CS:GO, Starcraft… your knowledge can work in your favor. Being able to identify and predict likely outcomes, you can grab yourself a very juicy live odd. If you sense a rise in momentum during the game you’re watching and feel like the team that should picked could win, you can make a hefty profit, but ensure you do so within your own rules of bankroll management!

Here in picture 3 you can see how I made a very moderate bet on a game I was following and trebled my small wager.
image 3 betting

So how can I make money?

It’s simple; define your bankroll total, how much money you can actually invest.

A good way to manage your winning is to withdraw the profits when you exceed your bankroll total significantly. For example if your bankroll is $500 and you make profit a of $90, you withdraw that 90€ and so on. By the time you have withdrawn the bankroll equivalent amount of profits, you basically have a free $500 on the site, but this doesn’t mean you should recklessly spend the money, stick to this rigid approach and continue grinding.

Here are a few pointers:

  • Avoid betting systems
  • There is always a smaller chance to win when you pick many games on your betting slip Favour singles and keep your wagers independent from others
  • Do not get carried away by increasing your bets when you win and decreasing when you lose
  • If you have thought about your maximum wagers, stick to them.

  • Many bankroll management advisors will tell you to bet between 2% or 5% of your overall bankroll and grind this way, but it is up to you to manage it and it depends significantly on the size of your bankroll. Someone’s 2% is $20 and someone’s 2% is $5.

    Good luck with your bets!

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